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cuddlepooDecember 30, 2007

At the age of 40 I've tried lotions, potions and many expensive cosmetics. Here are a few things that I've found.

1. Expensive skin moisturizers - after trying many products over my life I've found there are a few things that make my skin look nice. Drink lots of water, wear your spf or physical skin covering, avoid caffiene and alcohol (those are toughies!), eat healthy. If I don't follow those my skin shows every sin. Those expensive products have little effect compared to just taking care. If those products worked then the older celebs would look much better in candid photos than they do. They are not aging any better than the average woman.

2. Makeup - after years of shopping Clinique, etc, I've starting buying the super cheap and pre-teen type cosmetics like Bonnie Bell, Wet N Wild, etc. I find they are often less heavy, especially the ones made for pre-teens. I don't look any different than when I spent more. I am a little more picky with foundation.

3. My hair products are bought at the drug store. My hair looks just as nice with these.

4. Moisturizing hand, etc - As with other things I used to spend much more. A few years back I was oiling a butcher block counter top with mineral oil and couldn't believe how good my hands looked afterward. I think this is the main ingredient in baby oil, besides fragrance maybe? Not keeping hydrated with water is what makes my hands looks the worst.

Anyway, these things work for me and I would love to have more suggestions!

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A couple of additional suggestions, if I may:

1. Pick beautiful parents.

2. Pick Grandmothers (especially on the Mom's side) that age well.

Plus: impress upon your consciousness the concept that the attempt to delay the appearance of aging is, at best, a losing enterprise.

How to avoid looking aged? Die young.

ole joyful

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As to hair, a few years back, my normal supermarket shampoo (it was actually Clairol, so we're not talking dollar store cheap here) was discontinued and--because of my allergies--I tried a more expensive, natural shampoo. SO worth the money. My hair is so much more healthy than it had been, that it's well worth spending $7 for a small bottle of the shampoo I use now. I think you do get what you pay for in some areas. I have very long hair, and it's very obvious, when you look at it, exactly when I changed shampoos. BIG difference between 'before' and 'after'. One or 2 more trims, and I'll have gotten rid of all the old, dead hair.

As to make-up/moisturizing? Yes, water is the key. As is keeping dirt (and by that, I do mean make-up, etc) off your face. In my late 50's, I've actually gotten into arguments with people because they insist there's no way I'm older than mid-30's. I'm overweight, have gray hair--so the only thing I can figure that's throwing them off is my skin. It's in unbelievably good shape--because all I use on it is soap--no make-up, fragrances or other chemicals touch my face. It makes a big difference if you just keep your face clean, I think, rather than piling on all kinds of goo.

I know that's not what most people want to hear or believe, but I'm NOT a make-up hair person--and it's been a real revelation to find out that my lack of attention has actually been the best attention I could have given my hair and skin after all these years.

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I just read an article in Redbook magazine advising it's okay to buy cheap cosmetics and shampoos, because the cheap stuff is very similar to expensive companies' products. Seven bucks is not bad for a bottle of shampoo, but if you're spending $150 on skin cream you don't need to. Look at the ingredients in those beauty products. Read the labels. It is a way to save money without sacrificing your looks.

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I can tell you that I use astringient (sp) on my face - it's very oily. The Wal Mart brand works just as well as any other of the 500 more expensive brands I have tried.

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HAIR:I am very happy with my Sauve hair products. They do the job with little cost.
FACE: My splurge is Bare Minerals makeup. Ever since i discovered it i wont wear anything else. It makes my skin glow and my complexion has really improved. I do not wear eye shadows and lip sticks. Money saved by not buying it. The face wash i use might be considered a spluge. It is Toleraine by La Roche-Posay. It does cost around $21 a bottle. However that bottle will last me about 8 months. I consider that a good buy.
SHAVING:I prefer to use a foaming gel when i shave my legs. Target sells their own brand that i like better than the name brand.
The best tips came from Ole Joyful. But how do you pick your own parents?

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I picked up this tip from the forums. Use olive oil on dry skin. I put it on after a shower when you are still wet. It works better than anything else I've found to keep skin smooth and soft and not itchy. I use the lightest olive oil I can find so I don't smell like salad.

I've tried cheap makeup and expensive stuff. I hadn't had much luck. I discoved Aveda brand this past year. I use the moisturizer and foundation. It's the only kind of makeup I found that will stay on my face all day. I think it's because it doesn't have mineral oil in it. I can use it with the cheaper eye shadows and lipsticks like Cover Girl and it stays on longer. I spent $50 on one bottle of foundation and one bottle of moisturizer that lasted around 7 months. I don't mind paying more if it works for me.

I haven't found the perfect shampoo yet, but I like the Bedhead thickening paste for my hair. Unlike the cheap stuff, it doesn't look greasy on my hair or make my scalp itch. My hairdresser said a $17 bottle is supposed to last me around a year.

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In the last year I have gotten compliments on my skin--boy, was I surprised! I have always been terrible at evening face maintenance. The only thing that I am doing differently is using homemade facial mask and scrub. i.e. cheap bottle of uncoated aspirin, witch hazel (but you can use water). Put enough witch hazel in the aspirin I use an empty face powder container with lid, fill it with aspirin, add a little witch hazel or water. Wait a minute until the aspirin melts then stir until a smooth paste. I have also added tea tree oil and/or aloe. Apply to a clean face, avoiding eye area. Let dry, scrub face, rinse.

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Some great tips! My mom had a old book when I was growing up and it only included beauty items from the kitchen (and possibly elsewhere around the house). I loved it and wish I had that book. It included things like egg whites for a facial mask, warm olive oil for the hair and cold water and vinegar for a final hair rinse in the shower. Vinegar and olive oil, what can't they do! A hairdresser once told me that a water and baking soda mixture would remove the build up on hair. Mustangs, is aspirin anti-inflamatory maybe? I do know that aspirin in water is something you can dip your razor in to avoid those shaving bumps under your arms.

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My mom used to use powdered jello mixed with water in place of hair spray. And my cousin Marge is over 50 and has beautiful unlined skin. She washes only with Ivory soap and stays out of the sun.

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Remove all mirrors from your house and don't look in anyone elses mirrors and you'll never see a wrinkle in your face.

Just a word of warning about the aspirin/witch hazel. If you are not supposed to take aspirin for some underlying medical reason avoid that tip. Liquidized aspirin schmeered on your face WILL be absorbed through your skin and into your bloodstream just as if you had swallowed it. No different than how a nicotine patch absorbs through the skin to work.

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If you are afraid to try to aspirin thing because of the concentration... you can just buy a face cleaning product with 'saliylic acid' in it. I think it's generally the same thing. But again, probably shouldn't use the saliylic acid if you a have an aspirin allergy. Saliylic acid products really seem to smooth out my skin tone.

I also really like "Nice and Easy" Root Touch Up. Best product I've found in years. Use for a quick, easy touch up that will push off your coloring job a couple weeks. Your college friends you haven't seen in months call... want to meet for dinner tomorrow...your roots are showing and you don't have time to dye your hair...root touch up can help you out. I know I sound like a commercial, but I really do like the product.

I second the no make up thing. That is if you're lucky enough to be pretty enough to go without. I'm not, so I try to go light on the makeup. I have to admit to liking the Bare Minerals stuff too; it doesn't seem to sweat/come off as easy as other stuff.

Staying out of the sun and sunscreen are a must. My friends that "tan" (either through spas or the sun itself) look at least 10-15 years older than those that don't. You may think you look better with a tan and you may in a way, but you also look a lot older... just remember that.

I find cheap stuff works just as well as expensive stuff. Switching shampoos from time to time will liven up your hair; brands don't matter just switiching to a different one will work. I like vinegar rinses for hair (great for flakes) but be careful they seem to strip haircolor sometimes too.

I personally vote for Dove soap.

Anyone have any good cheap ideas for rough feet? I seem to ignore them and they just keep geting worse.

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I do have cheap foot tips. I give my feet a vinegar pedicure soak at least once a month. It really keeps the nail fungas away. I will also put vasaline on my feet and then sleep with socks on. I hate to sleep with socks on so i have to force myself every now and then. Walking in sand is a natural foot exfoliant. Living in Wisconsin doesnt give me alot of "beach" opportunties. But in the summer my feet are always smooth.

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I'll pour olive oil in a small bowl and soak my fingers up to the first knuckle in it for five minutes or longer. Your nails and cuticles will become clean and moisturized with the oil. Do this every day for a week. Use the same bowl of oil each time. Just set it somewhere safe, so it won't get spilled. I choose a high shelf, because I have cats who feel compelled to investigate everything!

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asm198 - Zone 6a (MO)

My mom washes her face with cold cream and uses a very thick moisturizer. Sadly, I can't recall the name, but it seems to work well for her. She also uses St. Ives (I think) apricot scrub. With all products, she just uses whatever is cheapest at the drugstore.

A friend of mine said her grandmother told her to use lemon juice as an astringent.

I use regular witch hazel as an astringent, when I actually use it.

When I decide I want to have a bath with bath salts, I use stuff I've made. I buy some bath scent at the craft store for about $4 and a giant box of epsom salts at the store for $1 and I've got enough nice smelling bath salts to last 6 months or more.

I don't really do much saving when it comes to beauty products, though. I only wash my face with Clinique stuff because it's the only product that I've ever found that cleans my face properly and doesn't leave it feeling greasy or overly dry. I'm in my late 20s and searched for years for something that would work on my very oily skin, not make me break out, yet wouldn't dry out my face. I'd say I spend about $60 for my face wash, scrub, and moisturizers, but it works so wonderfully and I only have to buy it twice a year, at most. That's so worth it to me, especially when I took a look at all the products I had purchased over a year period that were crap. Sorry for the ramble, but I get giddy when I think about the fact I've found something that works.

Oh, and as much as I would like it, I can't use Suave shampoo, either. I ran out of shampoo one day and that's the only thing I could find at the time. I'm struggling through the bottle, but my hair feels like straw and tangles so badly. I never got tangles with my other shampoo. My regular shampoo is about $15 a bottle, but my hair looks so much better and healthier when I use it.

Other than those two things, I buy everything else cheaply. I'm not picky about body wash or makeup and rarely use hair products.

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Ninos-walkimg in sand is also great exercise. You can feel it in your calves. While you're exfoliating, you're also sculpting your legs. As a third bonus, if it's warm at the beach and your legs are bare,you're getting Vitamin D! My doctor told me I'm deficient in Vitamin D, which helps build strong bones and fights off osteoporosis, and a good way to get vitamin D is to spend 5 minutes a day in the sun, but don't sunbathe or go to tanning salons, and Heavens! don't get a burn.

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i like expensive shampoos, but i never pay full price. JC Penney's runs shampoo sales every few months or so (like B1G1) plus they always have coupons during the sale days (like another $10 off $30) - so I stock up a few times a month.

body lotions and washes, etc - I stock up twice a year at Bath and Body Works, stuff can be purchased at 75% off, plus the coupon. I always get extra lotions/body washes to be used as an emergency gift throughout the year.

Cosmetic Outlet Company store always has brand names at about 20% lower than the department store prices. Duty free stores sometimes have better pricing too, but not always.

Marshall's and TJ Maxx have fantastic savings on lotions, etc too - but you never know what to find!

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I love Bath and Body works. All their products are just geeat and they sure smell great! I used to adore Clinique, their three-product line of soap,toner and moisturizer. No penny-pinching here!

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From the money I figured I saved over the years from not buying any of this stuff, I now sort of feel like I must be lacking in the beauty department.

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I think you do get what you pay for in some areas. I have very long hair, and it's very obvious, when you look at it, exactly when I changed shampoos.

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I am 49 and don't mind at all. I've stopped plastering make up on my face by my late 30s. Now if I want to wear make up at all I wear much less. I wash my face with a basic soap, apply a moisturizer (I've found the Olay face cream works for me now). I let the moisturizer sink in. If I have any dry spots (I still have mixed facial skin) I apply a little more moisturizer and wait. I do apply a little foundation sparingly now where needed but not all over my face. Just starting to get wrinkles around my eyes. I'm finding that using foundation actually accentuates my lines so I use much less. I've lighted the make up around my eyes to just hints of colour and a moderate lipstick that moisturizes.

As for hair care and skin products I am now looking to make sure they do not contain "sulphate lauriate" as that has been a proven cancer causing agent. It's in many cheap cosmetics. I'm finishing my last bottle of Tresemme because it has that ingredient. I'm paying more and more attention to the ingredients in the products. And I'm in the movement returning to the basics for some time with home cleaners, no fumes when possible.

If a product is right for you that's the way to go.

My beauty savings these days is I've slimmed my make up right down. Instead of a shoebox full of this and that I now have a little travel bag with a few lipsticks, 4 colour eye palette, a mascara and my foundation.

I'm now getting into making some home made spa products for myself using books from the library.

Thanks for starting this post. Hope to hear from more folks.


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