How to fill the space between the ground and foundation?

coodyAugust 24, 2010

There is a space between the house foundation and ground. See the

. The earwig may enter the house from the space under the foundation. I want to fill it. This is a small project. Can you tell me what material and tool I need to fill the space under the foundation? I will try to get them from the Home Depot.

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The previous post is SPAM, disregard the input. The ground has settled so get some dirt/topsoil and fill the gap?

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Thanks for reply. The potential problem is the earwig may still enter the house from the soul under the foundation if I fill the space with the topsoil, right? I just want to fill any space under the foundation and put the rock around the foundation to prevent the earwig from entry. Do I need to add the cement mixer etc to fill the space and put the rock around the foundation or you have any other good ideas to prevent the earwig from entry?

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I dont' understand. Are you on a slab? If so, how would the earwig crawl through the foundation? I would just fill the gap with some topsoil. I would not mix any cement mix as the area around your home needs to be able to expand/contract with the weather.

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You are looking at the top edge of the foundation, it should go down at least 8" or more depending on where you live. Ours goes down 42" in Michigan.

I would use a heavy duty Shop Vac to clean all the debris from around the foundation. Then tap with a hammer on that foundation top to see if any more is loose and vacuum again.

If you stick a shovel under that edge you should be able to hit the foundation. Just do like stash recommends and fill with topsoil.

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More than likely the earwigs are getting in through an access in the exterior framed wall. There typically is an air space between the brick veneer and the exterior house wall. They are not getting in by way of the foundation, you need to find out where they are entering, but unfortunately, for a brick veneer wall system to have a correct install, there are weep holes at the starter course of the brick veneer that you dont want to plug up. You might end up having to pull up base board in the inside where they are suspect of entering and caulk alog the base of the sill plate. If it's an older home, there was probably no barrier or sealant layed down between the sill plate and foundation, (all this if if on a slab). If on a crawl space, they could be coming up from underneath the space through the framing.

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Get an extirminator!

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From looking at the pix , your real issue is that down spout. Get it away from the foundation. All that water has eroded the fill. Just add an extension to get the water away from the house.The box stores have several easy fixes for this issue.
Resolve the water issue and solve the critter problem.

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Since the exterior of your home is brick, there are probably weep holes in the bottom course (row) of brick. They will be between brick and look like a gap that has no mortar. Do not try to seal these, instead you can stuff them with course steel wool to keep the critters out. If you go to the paint department at the big box stores, you can find the steel wool and also pick up a few paint stiring sticks to aid in installation. Most homes are not all brick... there is usually siding on the back or sides. I would suggest you use a small mirror and inspect behind the bottom of the siding where it meets (or most often not) the slab. If you see a gap, it would be a good idea to fill it or seal it somehow. Good Luck!

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