Other On-Line Autction Sites?

lilypad22December 7, 2004

Ebay is very popular and getting very big. My cousin had told me there were smaller auction sites where there were less bidders, better for buying (but obviously not for selling)cause the prices didn't go so high. I don't remember if there was goodwill or salvation army. Does anyone buy or sell at any of these others. I looked up goodwill, but I am leary if it is the official site. Anyone can set up a web site and I would like to know some that someones actually used and been satisfied with. Thanks!! tish

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I've shopped at Goodwill site and they're legit. Don't do too much as I think prices are high, shipping expensive and many items are low quality. If you have a local GW that lists on the site you can pick the item up. Saves shipping but you still have to pay the handling fee.

It's a rare item found at GW that you couldn't get cheaper on eBay.


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Yahoo! and uBid (www.ubid.com) both have auctions, though I don't know if uBid's permit "ordinary people" to put stuff up for sale.

There also are auction places dedicated to certain interests. For example, high-end audio is sold at Audiogon (http://www.audiogon.com).

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Yahoo is good, but very limited depending what you want and certainly no cheaper than ebay. For some reason, I have found the Yahoo sellers higher than ebay sellers, so even with less bids, you pay premium prices. In my opinion, for internet shopping, you can't beat ebay. But then, I also am a powerseller on ebay, so probably have a bit of a slanted angle on things!


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I have found many things on shopgoodwill.com at good prices, its all according to what you are looking for. Just last week I bought a brass door knocker still in shrink wrap for $5.00 the price on the back was $28. I feel I still came out ahead even with the shipping.


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