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marys1000March 3, 2013

I am just now finishing a flannel robe that has been a bit of an expensive debacle and while it looks sort of nice doesn't fit right. Just trying to learn to sew.
But I'm going to take another stab at it with the same pattern.

I wanted to use the same fabric I've seen in "spa" robes, a little bit of stiffness, cotton, waffle - but I can't find it in retail. All I can find is a waffle pattern cotton used for utility things which looks to thick and hot.

Do you think a 100% cotton pique would work about the same? I don't like the knit summer robes in stores, too droopy and hot.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Can you find a seersucker?

Here is a link that might be useful: Seersucker

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Sorry, don't like seersucker

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I think a pique would be fine, just be sure to prewash & dry at least once before you cut into the fabric so you don't get shrinkage after all your hard work. (I'd wash & dry twice if it were me, can always just do a rinse cycle if your washing machine will do that only.)

Don't you hate as a new sewer when a long project doesn't fit? It was my biggest complaint when I was learning to sew, can't tell you how many hours I spent slaving over a project only to try it on & scream at the money & time lost! (Okay, truth, it still happens occasionally, even w/a pattern I've made before, it's surprising how much fit difference fabric can make). Good luck on the summer version!

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Oh, your comment made me wonder if doing it in a fabric will make the fit different? Really? Maybe I should look harder for a robe to buy.............

i finally finished finished it yesterday and wore it around. I don't like it. Yes its to big but maybe I could live with that but I don't like my experiment with the fabric.
I do like experimenting but this didn't turn out quite right. I still think it was a good idea but I shouldn't have used quilters fabric - but the Moose and Bears with plaid were so cute!
The only flannel I could find was quite thin and almost weightless. i just couldn't see how it would hang down at all. So I got the bright idea to buy double the fabric and have it quilted together. Honestly the baby blue quilted inside with the dark blue bears and moose on a baby blue background on the outside is very cute. I think it looks nice. But the quilting flannel is very stiff and its just not very comfy, especially because its big.
So not only did I buy twice the fabric, and pay to have it quilted, I had 3 private lessons to help me do it (6 hours worth which still wasnt enough time to really do fitting what with pinning, cutting etc). So the most expensive robe EVER:)
I will try to sell it, at a huge loss, on craigslist.

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Well, there's your mistake. Quilting adds stiffness. Have you washed the fabric at all? A few washes may soften it somewhat, though it will likely always be a bit stiff.

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Yes, stiff but cute. Still its too big...up and down, ok around. The bottom of the arm holes are too low, the shoulder too low.
Not sure I'm going to know how to fix that.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Depending on the robe style, I wouldn't imagine it too hard to alter...this style has just rectangles for sleeves.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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