Saving Money on Your Prepaid Cell Phone

skip97December 29, 2007

I have a prepaid cell phone and was using it in the conventional way buying minutes when I needed them. I found an article that had some good tips on how to reduce the cost per minute of the calls. If you do a Google search on Dr. Ed Warde you should spot an article he wrote on the subject. By following these suggestions I reduced the cost per minute to half of what I normally was paying. I'm not sure the tips would apply to all prepaid cell phones but you might want to take a look. One of the approaches is to search online for promotion codes that you can use when adding minutes to your phone.

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There's a lot of things you can do to save money on a prepaid cell and still have functionality. But the most important thing is to consider your needs. In what areas will you use it? How many minutes per month will you use it? Are you OK with a phone that has roaming charges? Do you text/how much? etc, etc. Then compare companies. Also, be sure you don't get hung up on the "per minute" rates. Most frugal folks don't use 1000 min/mo so the per month cost is probably more important than the per minute. A low per minute rate doesn't mean much if you don't use the minutes before expiration. There's a total cost, including the cost of the phone that is an important consideration.

Right now I have a lot of minutes built up because I don't use the cell too much. So the monthly cost to keep the minutes is my main consideration.

Budgeting is on important way to save. With each provider there's different things you can do to save money. But you have to know which provider will suit your needs best, then look for the best price.

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