Does your Freecycle have a Cafe?

Chemocurl zn5b/6a IndianaDecember 14, 2006

The local Freecycle in my county has a "Cafe'.

Here are the terms.

This is our community message board for members of ScottCo_Indiana_Freecyle. This is a place to post when Freecycle is not quite the right place. This group is specifically for selling your goods or services(Snow removal, babysitting, doing odd jobs and crafts). BUY, SELL, AND TRADE.

I see lots of good 'deals' listed, even though I haven't needed anything that has been offered yet.

I did advertise there for a good used 'beater' car for a friend who was down on her luck, and ended up buying a nice little number for $450. At that price it doesn't have to look good, or run long for one to get their money's worth out of it.

Another local community has a Freecycle Cafe, and here are their terms.

This group if for Seymour Freecycle members to chat and get to know each other. This is also the place for all the off topic posts that we do not allow on Freecycle. *No Spam*

No one posts there much at all.

Do you have one, or have you checked it out?

I may list and try and sell some plants next season.


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What's this I hear?

"Sell" ...

... on "freecycle"??

o j

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

No not sell on Freecycle, but I can buy, sell, or trade on the local Freecycle is like a sister site to the local Freecycle.

It appears the Cafe's rule vary from site to site, but I was mainly wondering if other's Freecycle had the sister site (Cafe) for selling and such.

Below is a link to the Cafe in my county.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scott County Freecycle Cafe

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Thanks for the info, chemocurl - news to me.

A poor day that one doesn't learn something, I say.

(That's "Fair Trade" coffee, I hope).

o j

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chemocurl--another thanks for posting this. i had never heard of Freecycle and when I saw we are from the same state I looked it up. There is one for my area and it does have a sort of cafe.

FYI-I currently have a person that might be taking some furniture off of my hands. Beats me paying someone to haul it off and it ending up in the landfill.

Thanks again.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Great and you're welcome.

I'm curious about the rules for your cafe.

It was hinted to me by a friend that the Cafe Rules for my Freecycle Cafe may be in violation...since Freecycle is FREE and there is to be no mention of money on the actual Freecycle Forum itself.

Hmmmm, I'm sure not going to mention it locally, as I think it is a very good thing.


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Like Grandma said, "It is important that one tell the truth ...

... but ...

... there's no requirement for one to open one's big fat mouth and tell all that one knows!".

That's a bit of a loose translation of her actual words - you know me, I have to dress things up a bit.

Have a really lovely New Year.

ole joyful

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Moderator Manual, Freecycle Cafe Guidelines

The following guidelines have been established for any Cafe groups that accompany Freecycle lists:

  1. Standard Freecycle Trademark Usage Guidelines apply to both the main and chat cafe groups.

  2. Standard Freecycle Group Rules & Etiquette apply to both the main and chat cafe groups.

** Chat Cafe Exception: Local moderators may choose to provide peripheral options for members which are not generally allowed on the regular board such as yard sales announcements, services, community event info, etc. However, local chat cafes may not become sales groups which parallel the local Freecycle board. **

  1. Group owners must correspond to those of the local group and please only one cafe group per local group. If a cafe group is desired to be regional in nature, please get the ok from your GOA.

Cafe Tips:

The following are suggested tips which may help you to establish a healthy and happy chat cafe group environment. Enjoy!

  1. You'll find it is helpful to make available as many Yahoo features as possible to the members such as: Photos, Databases, Links, and Calendar.

  2. Recognize that the members who do join a cafe are often the most involved and enthusiastic. This may well prove a good "launching pad" for ideas as well as an opportunity to scout for new potential local moderators.

  3. By all means, encourage local resourcefulness and involvement. A cafe may serve as a forum where members can show community appreciation; ask for information on local services, businesses, charities, nonprofit organizations; give members a chance to volunteer with Freecycle or other area groups, e.g. set up a table for volunteers wanted; allow members to post links in the Links section to their businesses or set up a database for this purpose. Members should not sell on list, but may "hook up" off list. A vital part of Freecycle(TM) is providing a connection to local community causes and organizations.

  4. Beware of the griping group syndrome. You don't want to abandon the group to gripers but rather provide a further forum for members to have positive and helpful interaction in order to further build local community.

  5. Yard Sales: Consider making it a condition of allowing yard sale posts that they also have a free stuff table or maybe offer leftovers for free afterwards.

  6. Businesses & Services: One may wish to ask that local members post their related info to the chat cafe database and/or links section rather than to the main chat cafe board.

  7. Pet Issues: If the group allows pets, make sure your pet moderator is also a cafe member, if you have one, since pet issues invariably come up -- especially fundraising, petitions, etc. If the group does not allow pets, recognize that it may be even more likely that the issue will be raised in the cafe. Keep links (e.g. ) about animal adoption and care handy. A folder of links to local animal charities -- e.g. Humane Society or SPCA is also a good idea.

  8. Consider not listing the local cafe group in Yahoo Groups. This helps to avoid people mistakenly joining your cafe group instead of the main local board. It also reduces the spam potential. Generally then people learn of the cafe group through the local board directly or through word of mouth as community builds. Then one doesn't need to approve new memberships at all as cafe groups are generally less formal. Of course, you'll want to moderate new members to make sure spam doesn't pop up after all. And, you'll want to notify new Cafe group members of how to join the main board with an auto e-mail when they join up, just to be safe.

Here is a link that might be useful: Freecycle Cafe Guidelines

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There's been some evidence that con men use Freecycle and Craigslist to cheat people. I'd stay away. I use Craigslist to give stuff away that I don't use, not for selling.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

My nearest Craigslist location is over an hour away.

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We don't even have a Freecycle, yet alone a Freecycle Cafe....

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We have a freecycle and the cafe. I use freecycle all the time to get rid of stuff. I have been leaving things outside because you just don't know.

The cafe is great if you need a dentist or a good hair cutter if you are new in town. Some people sell on there all the time and it is funny but one person always sells things but then she is always looking for free stuff on freecycle. I don't give her anything.

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Posted by jannie: There's been some evidence that con men use Freecycle and Craigslist to cheat people.

Well there is evidence that con men use just about any means to cheat people, even churches are used.

Just use good sense when dealing with anything and you will reduce your chances of something bad happening.

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