Recipes for palatable cat treats???

joyfulguyDecember 13, 2005

Jannie needs some recipes for delectable cat treats.

Ones at which her lord/lady and master/mistress won't turn up their noses in disdain when they meet ...

... and fix her with a look of scorn for trying to palm off such stuff on *them*!!

Anyone have any help to offer?

ole joyful

P.S. Barn cats around my place - they ain't so fussy.

o j

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I don't have a recipe for you but I do have a cat that loves chocolate. Any kind from bar to mounds. She even eats around the nuts. She's 13 and it hasn't killed her yet.

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I don't have any recipes for you either but I'll check around. A lot depends on the cat. My sister's one cat loved popcorn peas & potatoes! Cheap treats there. Even the stale popcorn was fine.

Many times it's an issue of coming out of a "special" container or being hand fed to them. Many dogs will turn up their nose to their dog food, but pick some up of the food (without them seeing it of course) and hand feed it or toss it to them and that's a "treat".

A lot of animals are fond of vegetables. They eat grass!

My sister's other cat thought it was a treat whenever my sister would spill some of the cat food on the floor while she was filling the dishes. If she heard the rattle on the floor, she'd come flying in from another room and scarf them up before my sister could pick them up.

An old neighbor had a Schnauzer (sp?) and a Persian. The cat thought it was a treat to get some dog food and the dog thought it was a treat to get some cat food!

The other day I was at PetSmart and went to see what kind of critters then had up for adoption. One was loose while the cage was being cleaned. He was having the time of his life going from cage to cage reaching through and grabbing the food from the other cages. At first I thought "the poor thing is hungry" until I saw the size of the dish of food in each of the cages! The grass is always greener...

Treats don't have to be expensive.

Course us humans aren't much better are we? I've seen people think Blue Box Mac & Cheese is a delicacy as long as they don't have to prepare it!

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Please reconsider giving your cat chocolate. It's not good for them, and can cause serious medical problems. You've been lucky so far, but it's really not a good idea. See the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Don't give cats chocolate!

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Hi spewey,

Just don't tell me that I'm not supposed to eat choc., please.

That would spoil my whole day - no, more: it'd spoil my whole week, I think!

Especially around Christmas.

ole joyful

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I bought a can of sardines for 78 cents. I am sure they'll like it. Something stinky.

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Apparently nobody has any tried and true recipes for you, but I found some sources for some recipes that sound interesting. Here ya go:

Cd Kitchen

["Biffy"'s Site]( has not only a few cat treat recipes but the hilarious Kitty Litter Cake for human folks to appreciate. Who wouldn't get a kick out of the litter box on the dinner table? :D I guess perhaps it wouldn't go over too well with the cat\-hating crowd but that's their problem.

Divine Recipes has a recipe too. It says it's "divine" so it may appeal to the snobbish felines.

These are a few of them I glanced at from this search It's worth looking through some more of those hits and see if anything is more to their needs.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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Have you tried cooked spaghetti? It sounds strange, but we had a cat who loved it.

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My cat LOVES stinky cheese!

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Thanks for the info about the treats.

By the way - all three of the kittens that were dumped at the end of my laneway in early summer - the ones that each had six claws on all four feet - have found homes. Two went this week to my landlord's relatives.

Better for them - they'll have a warm home, better feed and more love and affection than they'd get as barn cats at my place. They love attention.

They'd follow me around when I was out, following so closely that I had to be careful not to step on them.

I hope that the niece of the landlord who fell in love with the runt doesn't get too distressed at her frequent "meow"ing.

Almost all dogs love cheese, I think.

Don't know about the stinky kind - but my experience with our farm dog years ago was that he/they loved to snack on a bovine that had died some time previously and had been left lying in a field.

Our pet house dog used to like to lie down and roll in dead fish at the lakeshore.

She wasn't too enthused about the three scrubbings that it took to make her fit to live with, though!

Have a great week - and a fine New Year, everyone.

ole joful

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