Outside wood damage - area under a peak and over a window.

chester_grantAugust 4, 2008

I cannot find the exact terminology for this area - but its the triangular area under the roof eves and over the windows on one side of a wing to the house - its wooden vertical siding. The area is about 7 ft a the peak and 15 ft across the bottom - ie the width of the wing.

There are a few patches of rotten wood at the bottom of the wood - ie where the water runs down to the base and has been absorbed upwards by the grain in the wood. There is no calking which I guess was the problem. Between the top of the window and the above is a 1/2 inch width horizontal piece of wood (drip line?) which has a metal cladding on the top surface - the metal hasnt worked as the horizontal piece of wood has deteriorated in a few spots.

I think I can repair the base of the wood in the V section mentioned above (with plastic wood and paint and another strip of wood added along the base of the triangle) - but the horizontal piece of wood topped by the metal cladding is more problematic - ideas? Can I extract the horizontal wood and replace?

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The eave is the level roof edge along the low part of a sloped roof. The sloping edge is called a rake.

You need to remove all damaged wood and install better flashing. Don't rely on caulk and paint. Get a competent carpenter to do the work otherwise you are likely to have to do it all over again after more damage has occurred.

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