Does anyone know where I can purchase these....

catlady15April 8, 2009

Those clear corners that you can place on paper,to place your pictures in so I can make homemade greeting cards?I post at Kt but love this site too.My daugher is into Photograph.She makes some amazing pictures if I may say so even though she is my daugher and the only child.She has made many,had them size and framed for gifts.So this weekend I was at a flea market and found some Beautiful cards and notice they were made out the lady's own pictures of flowers,etc.,.I seen how she made them.She used the clear corners,stuck them down on the front,than placed her pictures using these corner.I know this is a long post but I wanted to explain what I was looking for.Thanks so so much for any help.Keep up the great work on this forum.Thanks Judy

P.S.I posted this at the Photograph forum and a kind lady told me to post here to see if anyone can tell me where I might can find these.Again thanks for any help if anyone can help me.

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Check Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michels etc Also check in the photo dept making sure they are clear and safe to use.

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Mariend thank you so so much.I will check on these places today.Thanks for your time.Judy

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I'm sure Amazon has them

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Ditto Amazon. They have thousands of scrapbook items.

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