How do I add a seam allowance to a European pattern?

amileydFebruary 5, 2009

Hi, I know this should be so obvious to me.. I just bought a few Euro patterns and I have never sewn with these before. You have to add a seam allowance, because none are given. So, I was wondering how you do this. Do you trace the pattern and draw a seam allowance inside the existing lines, or use a seam tracer and add outside the existing lines?

Thank you! :0)

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I would pin pattern as usual then cut 3/8's inch beyond pattern. You could go around pattern and put a dot for allowance then follow dots.

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There is a special tool out there for allowing you to add the usual 5/8" seam allowance. I have just used a quilting ruler that shows an automatic increase of 1/2" and that worked. A friend uses a metal washer type of item that adds a seam allowance (you put your marker through a hole in the middle and as you trace around the pattern the marked line is at the proper cutting line. It seems to work for her. The washer thing is available in quilting stores that I know.

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Thanks for the replies! I already traced and cut out the pattern, so I can't add seam allowances. I also cut out my fabrics already (without seam allowances) soo I am in a fix. Oh well, I will just sew it... It's a prototype using scrap fabric I was going to use to get a good fit on me. It's all a learning experience I guess... :)

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Use a serger if you have one, and yes each item we make is a learning experience for us. I too have forgot about the seam allowance and lucky for me the article was big anyway. Another time I did a toddler jacket and just put inserts of co-ordinating fabric onto each piece to give me the seam allowance back.....turned out OK and was a play jacket anyway. Live and learn.

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