Little Giant Ladders

kkentertAugust 14, 2009

Hey everyone,

So I've been meaning to post about this for two years (I'm a lurker here that barely ever participates) Anyway, about 4 years ago I got a little giant ladder and I've been meaning to review it. Well, I just worked on a project that reminded me I wanted to write one.

First, this ladder is the sturdiest ladder you can get! standing on the next to top run at the highest setting you feel completely secure. The accessories are great- especially the work platform.

A few weeks ago, I painted the ceiling in my unfinished basement black. I set up my little giant ladder as a scaffold, and it easily cut my time down by 75%! i was sooooo happy.

The bad- they're heavy, you have to watch your fingers, and the rungs are thin, so when you're not using the work platform, you feet get stressed. but with the platform it's GREAT!

Highly recommended.

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Little Giant Ladders are expensive. Werner Ladders have the same configuration and are a lot cheaper. This is not SPAM by the way.

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Our realtor gave us a Little Giant ladder as a house warming gift after closing on the house here.

It's too heavy for me to wrangle, but DH, and the neighbors, love it.

It gets a good workout here at Willoughbees.

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I got a "Gorilla" ladder a couple of years ago at Home Depot on their Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) sale. As I recall, it was about $89, much less than the Little Giant.

I like it, but it's very heavy.

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I've had my Werner for several years and find that the main difference between it and the Little Giant is that the LG's mechanism for adjustments works a lot smoother. For the price difference, I'm happy with the Werner, though for heavy and constant use I'd probably get an LG.

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I too have a Werners and I am pleased with it. I got a chance to test the LG at a woodworking show and found very little difference. The Werner's is 22' and weighs 54lbs. It is very stable for changing high ceiling fan lights.

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I had the Gorrilla ladder from home depot I bought on a black friday a few years ago. I think it was the 13' ladder.

Good concept in theory.....

As other posters mentioned the skinny steps and weight killed it for me. I can lift it, but why should i?

I much prefer the 6' and 8' fiberglass ladders I have, and borrow respectively. In my opinion, I feel safer, as the ladder feels grounded better, i have much more comfortable and wider steps, and its a lot easier to throw around.

Now, just to clarify, to feel good on a fiberglass ladder, you need to get the good ones with the highest load ratings. the $20 Depot specials are flimsey crap.

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I just cruised from here over to the hardware store site to order some varnish and found this, if anyone is interested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Werner ladder on sale

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I compared the LG and the others. The LG is built better (welded rungs vs. riveted, wider rungs, smoother operation) and is heavier as a result. The cost is significantly higher, too. I bought the LG after trying both and feeling safer and more stable. If you're looking for a shorter LG, I've seen them at Costco at a really good price.

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