Roof vs siding: which would you do first?

mls99August 28, 2010

Massachusetts 1960s contemporary house with tar and gravel roof that needs to be replaced with a rubber membrane roof. Also the vertical cedar siding is shot in several places, and several areas need to be replaced. At the same time we'll add insulation.

Which would you do first next spring and why? Or would you get a GC to deal with both at the same time and why? We have birds nesting in the soffits (despite chicken wire to keep them out); would the siding people or the roof people deal with that?

Thanks for any advice...

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I always liked to work from the top down. That would mean roof first.

Soffit/fascia work can be done by either. That work is common to both jobs. If you use a contractor that can do both, that might make a better looking finished job, since there could easily be fascia work needed when the roof is replaces. Doing the soffit work is usually a part of the fascia repair.

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Another vote for top down.
Together would be ideal, but time/finances may preclude that. In that case I'd do the roof this year and the siding later on.

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I would talk with a contractor about which is in the worst shape. Can one survive through the winter, assuming you're in a colder climate? Also, are there any tax credits for either one--not sure what is left besides windows on the whole energy tax credits that expire at the end of the year.

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