Sudden musty odor in home

nags50August 21, 2014

Our Florida home suddenly started smelling musty. Really, really badly. We had it inspected for mold, mildew, etc. and nothing showed up. She suggested a dehumidifier. We bought the dehumidifier but the smell is still just half the house. It is cinder block construction. No basement and a crawl space attic. Found nothing dead in crawl space. We are at our witts end trying to figure out where the smell is coming from. We cannot locate a "source". HELP !!!!!

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Hurricane damage repair in the last 5 to 8 years?

Variation of the problems listed in the article below?

Here is a link that might be useful: Chinese drywall

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Thanks handymac. No drywall. All cinderblock inside too. No Hurricaine damage ever. We are totally clueless. Thanks for the suggestions though

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Do you have a dry drain somewhere?

What about an a/c filter?

Vacuum bags all replaced?

I once was smelling a musty odor in one particular closet. My spouse could not smell it. I was determined there was something there. After several "looks in the closet" over a couple weeks without seeing anything as a cause, I emptied the thing out. I found an old flat of rootbeer (wrapped in plastic sitting on a cardboard tray) and for some reason one of them had burst. The cardboard was mildewing/rotting away.

Good luck! Hopefully your nose can find the odor.

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something like this happened at my parents place, in the basement.. never could solve it. Hope you have better luck!

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Thanks for your comment. It's just about a month now (in my Mom's house in Fl.) and we can't even figure out WHERE it's coming from. A one story, no basement, cinder block, home with no water damage ever ! If we could find a starting point of the smell we might have a clue. We don't even know who to call to help figure it out. It's extremely frustrating as you must well know. Did the smell ever go away at your parent's house. The only thing we can be grateful for is that it's not in the bedrooms.....just the rest of the house !

Thanks for answering my post.

Nancy G.

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Maybe a moisture meter could zero in on an area?

Maybe some clues here:

Here is a link that might be useful: musty odors

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