Okay Mom, I'll Call You More!

Footbush2December 10, 2005

I got a gift card from my Mom for $10 of long distance (Talk about the SUBTLE hints! Okay Mom, I'll call more!) and I've been using it now forever and I haven't run out yet. So I guess my money saving tip is find a good cheap long distance company.

My Mom uses a company called Footbush Long Distance, www.footbush.com, (have no clue on the name?!?) and that's where the gift card came from. So now I'm using it as well. It's great and easy to use. Works sort of like a calling card or phone card, but there's not an actual card, it's all online.

So there's my little tip! Happy Calling!

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I know what you mean... when I went off to college I got lots of "subtle hints" about keeping in touch more. Sounds like the Footbush thing is a great way to go. It is funny how Moms have such a hard time letting go of their kids... but I guess I understand it more now that I am a parent.

Here is a link that might be useful: Save money on tuition for college students

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I'm sold on calling cards for long distance, but I don't make that many LD calls anymore. I have a WalMart card that started with 500 minutes (at 5¢/min) and after at least 2 years I still have nearly 400 minutes left! Plus I have another card that I haven't used so I'll probably give it to a friend who does a lot of calling.

Several options out there so look around. If I went with WorldXchange, I think it's still about 5¢/min and that was 1+ dialing. Qwest (my local phone company) is about that now too. So the good news is LD phone calls have come down tremendously from a few years back when MCI was ripping me off for 29¢/min!

Some like Onesuite which has gone up from 1.9¢ to now 2.5¢ per minute but if you do a lot of calling, it can be worthwhile.

With the internet and email, I just don't call as much. Plus I hate telephones! They're obnoxious. But that's another thread!

Now go call or email someone! :)

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