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krissie55December 27, 2007

In order to save money, stay home during these holiday sales!!

Too often we buy things on sale we really do not need, but, seeing a reduced price is temptation.


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This is the first year I haven't gone shopping the day after Christmas in a long time. I have to admit reduced prices are a huge temptation for me.
This year I was cleaning out my bargain closet and found so many items that were "bargains" I purchased for gift giving but somehow were not suitable after all. I have donated these to a shelter and discovered I like having a closet for my use again. But say a prayer for me "The spirit is willing but the Flesh is weak"..... I need to go to the store on Saturday for allergy medicine and thats right by the Christmas stuff...LOL

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Just yesterday i had to pick up a perscription for my DD. Of course i had to wait while they filled it so i hit the Christmas sale isles. I couldnt resist! They were calling me!

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I've gone out twice since Christmas but only for needed groceries. I saw some snowflake shaped gift tags marked down from $1.99 to only $1 but I refuse to spend even one more dollar on holiday stuff. I've got enough decorations and paper, I do not need more! I'm sick of looking at my Christmas tree but it's gonna stay up till New Years.

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I'm heading out this afternoon to look for Christmas clothes for next year. I saw some really cute sweaters at Macy's, but couldn't justify $40 for a child to only wear it a couple of times. Christmas socks are always a hit with us too. My kids love to make ornaments so I buy craft supplies on sale when I find them.

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I think after Christmas is a great time to save money. I have an after-Christmas budget amount so that it's not a free-for-all, and we don't go into debt. It's a great time to get trays, mugs, and an assortment of containers that we use for homemade food we give to friends/family/neighbors.

The budgeted amount is the key....


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Krissie, Your tip works quite well all 365 days of the year!

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After coming down with 36 hour flu the day after Christmas, I am now ready to venture out of my bedroom. I'm going to go where I usually go after Xmas - hospital gift shop (I'm also dropping off magazines at the emergency room there), the Hallmark store, and Steinmart. Theses places really cut their prices after Xmas to move stuff out. Mainly I buy ornaments as I give those as gifts to co-workers, but usually I find a goodie or 2 to save for girlfriends' gifts. If I have time this week, I may go to the chi-chi boutique places in our fancy suburbs which have darling things at outrageous prices, although, I found Xmas things on sale last spring at unbelievable prices. I have a budget and I stick to it. I love squirreling this stuff away and then "finding" it Dec. 1. And yes, I have a special closet to keep it in, as I'd NEVER unearth it if I scattered it about! Happy and thrifty new year to you all!

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I don't go nuts on the after Christmas sales, but we were looking for a new snowman for our front yard before Christmas--but hadn't found anything we liked at a price we wanted to pay.

Just the other day, we'd popped into the Christmas Tree Shops on our way out to dinner, and there was a lovely, bright, 4' tall snowman for only 14.99. At that price, it was too cheap to pass up. Too late to put it out this year, but DH put it together and has it decorating our living room--LOL!

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I bought a string of Christmas tree lights 100 bulbs for $4.99. Putting it away till next year.

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