I fixed my Wheaton frosted glass cat!

arnettamaeAugust 22, 2014

I wish I had taken before pictures. There was a big scratch across the middle of this sleeping cat's back and a very noticeable somewhat circular scratch on his hip. The scratches looked like lines of silver paint but I assumed they must be scratches because they didn't want to come off by any conventional method. I found an Internet site (http://www.great-glass.co.uk/glass%20notes/clean2.htm) that mentioned toothpaste & wet/dry fine sandpaper. Specifically it advised:

Select a paper of similar coarseness to the surface on which you are working (too coarse and you risk leaving obvious scratches - too fine and the area will end up appearing more polished than the rest). Using a small circular motion, begin on the smear itself, and then gradually work outward with ever-decreasing pressure so that your repair blends in with the rest of the surface."

I used the "tools" I had on hand. Norton wet/dry sand paper 320 grit, Closys toothpaste (the brand I use with no sulphates), a spray bottle of water, and a washcloth to dry the object. I worked slowly and carefully as described and checked after each light pass over the damaged area by spraying the area and wiping it dry to make sure that the repair was blending in with the surrounding area. You see the unretouched results in this photos. My once damaged cat is PURRRFECT!

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It looks great! Glad it worked for you! Love the cat!!

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