Can rot transfer through building paper?

needinfo001August 23, 2014

I posted another question about my wood siding on my house rotting because of moisture infiltraton. When i looked under the house yesterday i noticed that there is house wrap behind the wood. It appears to be thick black material. Does this mean that the rot is just confined to the exterior siding and has not caused any damage to the 1x6 tongue and groove plank under it?

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Sophie Wheeler

Felt paper isn't 100% waterproof. So, yes, enough water can be an issue.

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im scared! i hope this wont turn out to be a nightmare.
Im so hoping it will just be confned to the exterior of the house!

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Wood rot is the result of fungus using the wood for food. To live it needs the cellulose in the wood, moisture, warm temperatures and darkness.

The only way to know the condition of the wood is to expose it. For rot to be extensive there would probably need to be more than water wicking from the foundation.

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Though 25/50lb felt isn't waterproof, it doesn't need to be either. I cannot fathom a vertical installation of felt wherein enough water could permeate tar paper and allow moisture external envelope to internal. For that to happen, the tar paper would need to be soaked in water, which in this application, is inconceivable.

To answer your original question, if from exterior to interior you have siding, felt paper and then 1x6 T&G, unless the installation of the felt paper was done poorly (non-overlapped gaps, rips, tears, etc.) there is no way for water to get through, typically.

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