where do you stash your stuff?

Shannon01April 18, 2006

I have the large bag from CM that holds all the stuff I need to work with. I just pull it all up, put it back when done. I also have a large tub to hold my book and other heavier stuff. I currently have it beside my formal dining set. The table is large and I can really lay things out.

The other supplies have been neatly stored in the closet below my staircase. The ceiling slopes downward so I have to slouch to get in there. I got this bookcase from a garagesale to put things on, and one of those melamine drawer units- drawers are 18deepx36widex4tall. Works great for storing 12x12 paper and extra pages.

Problem is accessability. I would love to turn dh's office into a room with two work surfaces, his&hers. But it would hog room too much and we really need to have a little sofa or futon in there in case we ever have a guest. But it would be an ideal place to be. I have a large playroom upstairs that is open to the downstairs. It has a tv, computer, ps-2, games and of course our fish- as in one single fish. I would love to have some kind of large cabinet that is say as big as a kitchen table, with either those cubes with wheels that could slide under it or the cabinet have doors and drawers on it, likd of like a shorter version of a kitchen island. When I am not using it, it would be great for games, puzzles, sewing, mini ping-pong. DH really likes the idea.

The room also has a large closet that is all shelves. All the games are stored in there for easy access. There is another closet in the hall as you enter area also. I had linens in there but the cabinets under the kids bathroom sink was empty and I have a huge closet in my bath for blankets and such. So last night I cleared out the linen closet. Now the kids can grab a towel without going down the hall. I took all my stuff from downstairs and put it in the closet. It is sooooo much easier to get to and see the stuff. And I have so much room that I can put my sewing machine in there along with my sewing supplies. Right now sewing supplies are burried in the back of downstairs closet. I actually have been wearing a pair of pants with a safety pin because it is too hard to get to the thread to sew it back on.

My birthday is a month away- May 12 to be exact. I have been talking to dh about making this room better and so maybe I will do it for my day. If not, at least the stuff is easier to get to.

Funny thing is that as I age I have become more organized. Dh teases me about how I just itch to straighten things out. So last night I did this while kids were asleep. I got up early and looked at what I had accomplished. I must say I am a wee bit proud of it all.

So what would work for you?

Here is a link that might be useful: pis of my space

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I envy all your space!
And as I get older I anm NOT getting more organized. LOL

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I swear I could have written that thread! Exactly!

Lol, I think your dh likes the idea cuz it's not in his office! We have the same set up, dh works from home, however, so he has claimed his office 100% his. We too have a couch in there for guests.

I work on my dining room table, have the cm bag, and everything else goes in our coat closet which is our scrap closet. I have top and bottom linen cupboards down our hall, the bottom ones are completely scrap and craft related. I have boxes of photos that are "pre digital", I'd like to go through those and get rid of about half of it! My negs are also stored in boxes down there.

I'd just about die for a scrap room, we had one in our old house and it's the room I miss the most. Now that we reproduced four little munchkins, they have consumed all rooms that may have been considered scrapworthy! Darn them!! Good thing they're so cute. ;)


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This is where I scrap. It's an extra bedroom that was just stuffed full of stuff. I smooshed up and cleaned out a lot of the junk and made a scrapping corner. My only original idea was to use a shelf from an old fridge and used hooks to hang sticker packages on it so I could see my stickers without having to dig through books. I actually used 2 shelves, 1 in front of the other and leaned up on my paper cubes.

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Becki- you got a lot of stuff! Nice to not have to always be putting everything away.

I went to our new Ikea store- actually I was foolish to go to the store on the Sunday after the grand opening on Wed, the hiway patrol was still directing traffic, but since we drove all the way across town there was no turning back.

Through the mass of people we found an interesting table. It was about 3x3 square, but it pulled apart and became 6x3. We both thought it would be great for the playroom because it could be small, not taking over the whole room, but enlarges for when we want to scrap or whatever. I thought of putting rolling carts under it to store stuff and make a skirt to go around it with velcro. It could even be a little ping-pong surface. Oh, no, like I need little balls flying downstairs landing in then entryway chandelier. I don't think so.

My kids, dd 9yrs and ds 5.5, are good about not touching my stuff when it is out. I have given them a bucket of scrap pictures that I let them use. They make little books or whatever. Keeps them content and out of my stuff for the moment.

My kids have way too many toys and lots require space to play with. Ds has 2 hotweel sets that are setup in his room and he does not even play with them. His dinosaurs are in the playroom and that just bugs me. I could put some toys like that under the table in the bins. Or better yet, sell the hotwheels stuff and put the dinos in his room where they really belong.

Just to mention this for fun.... When we moved this sofa in from prior home- it fit in prior home perfectly- it was too long for the one wall. I had to remove one cushion length. It now fits perfectly. And I learned a lot about how sofas are made. Boy they charge a lot for something so easily dismantled. It has a sleeper in it that guests actually preferred to sleep on the sofa instead of the sleeper. That got tossed in the neighborhood cleanup day. This explains why there is an extra cushion in the pic.

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I think you all have good ideas. It's just a matter of what will work for you and the space you have. My space isn't much to look at as it's mostly mismatched stuff but it is usable and I have my own corner of the basement that I can use anyway I want! I scrap and sew on a 6 foot table with pegboard along one wall. I converted a wardrobe into storage and the rest is rolling carts (3 of them) and a wall of Target cubes. not pretty but it works for me!

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My stuff is in a cardboard box under the coffee table. I have yet to "claim" a corner somewhere, but when I do, look out...that box is gonna explode! I like the idea of having stuff out too, not having to rummage through boxes, but I have to get some storage supplies. The idea of using a fridge rack is nifty...would be great for my sewing supplies too.
Emma in PA

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You can do a search on scraprooms at Two peas in a bucket ~ they have neat rooms & storage idea's.
Linda K

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Ahhhhh, I wish I had a scrap room or even a corner. Between kids, toys, animals, etc. theres not a spare corner but trust me I'm working on that.

I've been mobile for years, all my stuff lives in the back of my truck, I go to 12 hour crops at stores once a month with friends and a couple weekend getaways a year. When I'm home and in the mood to scrapbook, I print digital pics, scan and manipulate, print journalling, come up with page ideas, etc. For this I keep a 12 x 12 divider/carrier next to my desk, when its time for a crop all I have to do is grab it and go. This way I can power crop... lol. Its gratifying to come home with my file filled with finished pages.

Happy scrappin,

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Does this mean you do computer scrapbooking?


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Hi Nancy,

Not really, but all my pictures are digital and I typically only print them when I need them. My older pictures, I like to scan, clean up, crop, etc. I type most of my journalling because I don't like my handwriting. Sometimes when doing this I'll sketch out a page idea and file it with the pictures until the next crop.

I take the pictures and journalling with me to a crop and do a page.


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Smart idea, I did the same thing with my pictures, there on the computer or on CD's. I really need to get them organized. I like the idea of journaling on the computer, I have terrible hand writing.


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My scrapbooking friends envy me. My mother passed away about a year ago and I got about $2000 that I wanted to spend in some way to remember her. So I had custom cabinets made (desk height with drawer base units and upper wall cabinets) and changed a third bedroom into a scrapbooking and sewing room. One wall section is about 7 feet and I have it set up for scrapbooking and the other wall is about 5 feet and it is for sewing. I had the cabinets custom made because I am short and the only readymade cabinets I could find would have had to be kitchen counter height or vanity height and those wouldn't have been the full 2 feet deep. I'm already running out of space though, and I think it might have been wiser to get a utility type cabinet to store paper and and larger items in. The only bad thing is I seem to be addicted to scrapbooking and buying more. I guess I better get busy scrapbooking all those pictures mom had! I enjoyed seeing/hearing what areas other people had. I will try to get a picture of my area. Ruth in Iowa

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Mine is all on my computer - no extra space needed. I love it, when I am done, I just turn off the computer and thats it for cleanup detail.

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I am a lurker here.
I have an old kitchen table against my dining room wall and a rolling cart under it. I made a gun cabinet into a closet and store all my stuff in it right beside my table. It is big enough to hold everything I have.
I don't have a dining room table.

But in the Dining room I feel cut off from everyone else and I did a whole lot more scrappin when I had my stuff in the living room!

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We have an extra room that holds the treadmill, piano and my scrapbook corner. It is always morphing d/t I am always adding to my scrapbook stuff and need more room to expand. I am waiting for a Wishblade personal cutter to arrive in the mail and just talkied to Dh this am about moving around a dresser (used for scrap book storage, and the sewing machine, so I have a larger surface to set up printer and cutter closer to me and have a spot for laptop. My work area is a old kitchen table I picked up along side the road for the junk man!. I would love to have built in or custom cabinets for scrapbook storage but I am just glad I have an extra room for the stuff. It is located right off the kitchen too. Very accessable for me so no stair climbing involved for my less than perfect knees. It is wonderful to have a spot that you can leave everything spread out and leave it until another day

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My youngest daughter moved out and I made her room into my art room and the walk-in closet is the 'supply closet' of course. It is nice, and roomy.

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