Craftsman Openers - funny problem

James123456August 5, 2011

I have two craftsman openers and both have come down with the same problem.

Opener A is about 15 years old, and I have replaced the gears twice now. It's working fine other than the problem.

Opener B is about 5 years old and I haven't had any problems till now.

So the problem is that (with the doors DETACHED from the trolley) I'll hit the button and the motor will run - trolley moves about 1-3 inches - and stops. There is no blinking on opener A, but there is on opener B. Ive checked the light sensor on opener B (there isn't one on opener A) and it's clear.

Opener A has the additional problem that it acts like the motor is siezed about a third of the time. I hit the button and I get a hum from the motor, yet there is no motion from the motor. The other 2/3s of the time the trolley moves 1-3 inches.

Any idea what's going on? I last replaced the gears on opener A 6 months ago.

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Opener A sounds like a bad RPM sensor which is a small circuit board just in front of the motor. It is the sensor that stops or reverses the door when it hits an obstacle. Also check to make sure the trolley isn't jamming against the bolt just in front of the motor housing. This can cause the humming with no door movement.

Opener B sounds like a door sensor problem. If the main light flashes 10 times when the door reverses to the open position it is the door sensors. Check to make sure the small light on each one is lit and not flickering ever so slightly. Tweak them a little. If you cannot get both lights to come on you have bad sensors.

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