Garage Door works but makes 'loud' noise when opening

jcgwAugust 18, 2009

Hi all,

The door seems to be working ok, except that for the past few weeks we've noticed a 'loud' noise every time we open it.

Upon closer observation, this is what appears to be happening.

1) Door is closed.

2) I press the 'open' button.

3) Door seems to try to travel down first, but it was already closed, so it was already touching the floor.

   This is where the 'loud' noise happens, like a big bang as the door is trying to drive 'down' into the concrete.

4) Then the door opens normally, without much effort, and without making much noise.

5) When I'm done and hit the 'close' button, everything works fine, smooth.

6) I've also tested the emergency feature and it works fine.

   (door open, 2x4 on the ground, centered across door's closing spot. When I hit the 'close' button, door hits the 2x4 and travels/opens backup up.)

Any recommendations on what could be making the door want to start travel down when it's already closed and I am trying to open it?

Thanks a million!


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Need a bit more information here.
Is this a "one piece swing up door" or a sectional door?
Is the door wood or steel?
What make is the electric opener, and how old is it?
If it is a sectional door, does it have low headroom track or one normal continuous track?

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Hi, thanks for your follow up.

It is a sectional door, steel.
I'm going to look up what the make is on the opener; but the house was build in '93 and it is the original.

BTW, this is a two car garage with identical doors/setups and the other one works all smooth.

I'm not sure I know what a 'low headroom' looks like, but ours looks like the link below, then at some point there's a chain with links that wrap around the motor shaft.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Any help, please?

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You were going to post the make of the opener. Release the opener from the door and open and close it manually to see how heavy the door is. If it's heavy take a look at the door springs. If it is a Genie make sure the down limit contact has not disappeared.

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