I saw it......the new Quilters machine like the Featherweights

budsterFebruary 9, 2007

I was in one of my sewing haunts which I check out each time we go visit MIL and what did I finally spy.....the new little black machine made to be a copy of the Singer Featherweight 221. I think it was called "Quilter's Dream" or "Quilters ...something". I had a little look at it and then what do I see up on a shelf....a nice OLD K222...with box (didn't see the flatbed and didn't ask either)....but I thought to myself which would I buy.....if I needed either...silly thought...I'd go for the older one each time just for the quality. Has anyone bought the new machine and if so what do you think of it? The saleslady told me they were great sellers and did the spiel.....I asked if anyone had compared it to the second hand K222 on the shelf and she was taken back....no one had even noticed the old one but they were selling the new ones quite well. Opinion anyone?

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You might try posting this on the quilting forum. Lots of FW fans there but I don't remember seeing about a repro being available.

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There is one machine called an alpha sew that is a reproduction of the featherweight. I bought one and sold it because I later bought a real FW. I thought it sewed fine but was not as quiet and it just wasn't the ral thing. Colleen

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I was at a quilt meeting and overheard someone saying it was no good. Just a warning, but I have no personal knowledge about the machine. Monica

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