Bridal Lace Armhole Sleeves

rusticangelFebruary 26, 2008


I'm hoping maybe someone has an answer for me. I'm making a dress that has lace sleeves. The pattern calls for sewing the bodice and sleeves together with right sides together. But the fabric is lace and the ends fray. It doesn't look nice. What do I do? Do I stitch the bodice to lining and then sew on the lace sleeve?




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Hi: The pattern directions are correct. If you have a serger use it for a nice finished seam, if you don't you need to do a french seam. It's kind of hard to explain if you don't know how to do it,so I googled "french seam" and it gives some good instructions.
Hope this helps


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Thanks bonnie-w

I got it to work. Finally.

Thanks again

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