What are your widest pantry roll outs?

KallistoMay 6, 2013

If you have roll out shelves/ROTS in your cabinet pantry, how wide are your widest roll outs?

Our KD's layout has a 30 inch wide tall 2-door cabinet, 24 deep, for pantry storage. I am getting cold feet about the cabinet order because I wonder whether the single roll outs in a 30 inch cabinet will be too wide. Will that size be unwieldy?

Wondering if I should change to a smaller pantry, or use 2 pantry cabs rather than one. I would love to hear any thoughts.

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Mine is 24x24, with a single door and I'm comfortable with it.

I don't think you'll have trouble with the lower pull outs with a 30" one. You may consider having wire baskets for pull outs at or above eye level.

I guess two pantry cabs would cost more.

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Thanks so much. Yes, cost is a factor here, as you note. But I also don't want to have something hard to use, or structurally unsound, for kitchen storage.

I think I have seen photos of some wide-looking rollouts, but I can't recall the measurements.

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Mine are 23" rollouts in a 27" cabinet.

I don't think the rollouts in a 30" cabinet would be unwieldy.

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Project doesn't start for another 3 weeks but mine are 38 wide with double doors opening (and the rollouts must be a little smaller) I'm happy they are that wide, room for a lot of things :-)

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I appreciate the input. This is the stuff that is keeping me up nights!

And thank you, suzannesl, for the photo. That will be the rough setup of our bottom pantry cab, and so it's good to see loaded rollouts in action.

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I think my wife's pantry pullout is in a 24" cabinet, but she has identical pullouts in the lower cabinets for pots/tupperware/spice drawer which are well over 30 inches (I am not home, so cannot measure).

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You're right, Kallisto. It's so hard to know about stuff you've never seen in action and none of your friends/relatives has it. That's what I love about GW - somebody's got it or something similar and is willing to share.

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The cabinet is 24"x24" (the roll-outs are smaller, of course) and I could use wider roll-outs. However, only the lower ones are roll-outs, the uppers are just shelves. KD said it would be hard to reach over the sides into the upper roll-outs but I am thinking of changing the shelves to roll-outs too.

Why would it be structurally unsound?

I love my 36" base drawers as well as the 30" drawer in the oven cabinet, all 24" deep.

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