Home exterior needs help

House_1980August 10, 2013

We just purchased a home and there are a few areas on the exterior that need some attention. I'm not sure if we should paint, replace, or do something else all together.

Attached are some pictures of the damaged exterior. Thank you in advance for your recommendations.

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another look at the damage.

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Not a good situation.

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Is this paint over masonry, wood or other? Is the underlying material dry and in good condition?
Are these areas liable to have snow up against them, or otherwise wet for extended periods?

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It looks like someone put a coat of paint over rotten wood. Which is never a good thing. The damage under that could be just one area. Or it could be extensive. There's no way of telling until you scrape all of the paint off and find out what's underneath. You've got to open the patient up to make a diagnosis here. If you just bought the house though, if the paint is new, I'd be pretty peeved that they just covered over the rot rather than repaired it. That's deceptive. And, if the paint job is new enough, it might be deceptive enough to be able to get some money back from the homeowner if the underlying moisture damage issue wasn't disclosed. Unless you are in a non disclosure waiver state.

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agree completely with lwo. It may be minor and it may be a disaster but until you dig in you cannot tell for certain.

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I guess you need to take off the upper layer of paint to figure out how serious it is. We used to have just a small crack, but it happened to be more serious when we called home repair company for remedy.

Actually, I guess it would be better to involve specialists. And it is very important to find the best...http://www.pissedconsumer.com/browse-reviews/home-construction-and-repair.html

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Thanks for all of the comments. I believe the previous owners painted recently before selling. So, it is possible the wood underneath is in poor condition.

When we looked at the house, I was thinking that I might get something to "plug in" the holes/cracks. But, your comments about rotten wood rings true. We need to get that checked out.

So assume most of the wood is in poor condition. Do I just cut out portions or replace entire sheets?

Again, thank you for your information.

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Sophie Wheeler

It depends on how much is rotten. And also, what we're seeing here. The closeup is too close to have any perspective on that. There's also the issue of what is causing the water damage that needs to be addressed. If you'll do a few shots pulled back so we can see where this is located, we might have a few suggestions for you.

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Here are some additional pics with a little distance.

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a wider look.

thanks for your comments folks.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

That style of home is a nightmare for water and exterior maintennance.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the lack of flashing on the horizontals means that you will forever be replacing and caulking panels.

Once they get water in them, they rarely dry out and make the transition.

Sorry, but I rarely see these homes in good shape unless they are meticulously maintained and have been so.

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Sorry I'm so late coming across this post. Did you ever get a fix for your home exterior? I had the exact same problem (in fact more 'rotten' than what you've shown) and got an excellent fix by replacing the horizontal wood flashing with aluminum and the vertical boards with Windsor trim board. Let me know if you'd like more details or photos.

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