Mystery Stains on Bathroom Wall

lcastiAugust 28, 2010

We live in a fairly newly built house. Built 6 years ago. We have noticed some stains along the bathroom ceiling near the molding. The attic is directly above the bathroom but we could not find any water leaks and the attic is bone dry. We can't figure out where the stains came from. The good news is that the stains are not growing in size. Any opinions on what this might be?

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That looks like the areas where painters 'cut in' with a brush before/after applying paint with a roller. They may have applied the paint with the brush more meavily, making the painted area darker.

That happens with finishes with more gloss than matte or flat.

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It could be condensation from excessive moisture in the bathroom.
The moisture might be able to pass through the wall but not the trim because of the different kinds of paint used.

You might need a larger exhaust fan.

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Looks like a poor paint job just as handymac suggested.

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Looks like poor painting, like failing to mix all the cans together before cutting in.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! We looked more closely and it does look like it is a paint issue.

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