Saving big bucks in drinking water

joyfulguyDecember 1, 2005

Use a glass, or a clean empty bottle if you are about to travel and so choose.

Fill it from the tap (in most jurisdictions).


Much commercial bottled water, including Dasani and Aquafina, is sourced from municipal water suppluies.

Which are, in most jurisdictions, regulated much more stringently than commercially bottled water.

Think of all the money you'll save whiledrinking your 8 glasses daily!

ole joyful

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Or add the filter to your incoming water to have the taste of "tasteless" bottled water.

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I bought one of those water pitchers that comes with a carbon-filter. I like to drink water that's been filtered,it tastes better to me than tap water. Also makes nearly-clear ice cubes. And one filter lasts a long time, maybe six months. I think the original set-up cost less than $30 a year ago. I am still using the second filter. Just a personal preference,but it's a lot cheaper than buying water in a plastic bottle every single day!

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Also, the bottled water industry is very inefficient. They waste lots of water in the production process, and use lots of petroleum based-products for the bottling. So drinking from the tap not only saves you money, but is environmentally friendlier than drinking bottled water!

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Great topic ... I am AMAZED at the amount of money people spend for something that is relativly FREE. I have a well, so mine is now free ...

At work I have a large glass that I fill with ice from the ice machine, and then fill up with water at the faucet. And watch everyone plunking their $1.25 in the machine for a bottle of water ... I really don't get it.

Have they all been brainwashed?

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Have they all been brainwashed?

Well, there's more to it that appears on the surface. Some, yes, definitely have been brainwashed, I'll agree. However, going to the tap and taking a whiff of some of the water in this area, well, the smell alone could about knock you out. And then drinking it? Well, I've had the Hershey Squirts enough from bad water so I'm a bit careful. Woof, that's not good!

As far as well water being free, well, (no pun intended) I had a well put in at the cabin... far from free. And if I could have that water available to me at all times, great, but you can't compare that I can get it free at home when I'm 200 miles away and thirsty. You can get food at home cheaper but when you're away and hungry... well, you get it.

I've been drinking a lot of water since long before it became fashionable. I have always liked water. When we'd eat out, I often ordered water to drink even if I had something else with it. Always had a good thirst and after getting sick of soft drinks ("pop" as we call it around here) I drank more and more water. Then the prices of soft drinks skyrocketed and I knew water was a better choice.

I do splurge by buying bottled water. But I refuse to pay more than $1 for a 6 pack. Normally I want the price about 10-15¢ per 20 oz bottle (or less) and I'm willing to pay that for the convenience of leaving it in the vehicle and also the consistency so when I'm out and about I don't have to risk indigestion. I travel a lot and rather than buying single bottles or buying pop, juice, or whatever, I'm saving money when I'm out and about. I also have it with me so I don't have to buy something or search for a drinking fountain to take an aspirin or ibuprofen.

I did start out buying one or two and refilling them often from my filtered water at home. But you really need to clean the bottles for sanitation purposes and I am not into that much effort for such a little return. Given the other savings, and additionally I make coffee and take a thermos with me which is a great savings so I'm satisfied.

I realize water is generally a filtered municipal water. However, it's generally a municipal water that is good to start with and then filtered, so yes it is different than the average tap water. Especially different than many areas. It's also more consistent than municipalities which vary so much from area to area and even from well to well. Some cities just take the water from the local rivers. My city water has changed dramatically over the years as they put in a new well. There are big differences in water!

When I go camping or something, I take a 5 gal. jug and fill it with my home tap water. Great for washing and is drinkable. But I usually take a couple gallon jugs and fill with filtered water for drinking. For that matter, when we were in the Boundary Waters, we just used lake water for drinking! Sadly, that's getting worse in latter years though.

So there's always going to be the argument that it can be cheaper if you... but I since I have a large thirst, especially in the summer and know how much pop I used to go through, I'm saving big bucks by spending a few bucks. Could I save more? Maybe, but then again, I might wind up being able to sh*t through a screen door at 20 paces from drinking water that doesn't agree with me. I don't consider great discomfort to be a good tradeoff for a few pennies in savings. Like I said, I'll splurge in this area and make it up in others.

I'm just upset that water drinking caught on. It did raise prices but there's still good prices if you watch for sales.

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o there's always going to be the argument that it can be cheaper if you... but I since I have a large thirst, especially in the summer and know how much pop I used to go through.

Well, since your summer up there only lasts about three weeks, I wouldn't worry about the expense.

Do you use well water, city water, or bottled water for your lime jello? That's where there is real potential for your water costs adding up.

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Hi spewey,

Actually, cynic lives quite a way north of my area, which is 20 mi. north of Lake Erie, across from Cleveland.

We get about 3 1/2 weeks of summer.

Quite a bit of hot air, though, even so.

o j

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Actually, the Jell-O with fruit cocktail in it is for dessert, and shredded carrots make it a salad! (Ugh!) Serve it with Spam Parmigiana and you're all set! Speaking of that, Spew, are you going to share your Possum (the Other White Meat) Parmigiana recipe? :D

It was an unusual summer this year. We had purt-near FOUR WEEKS of summer! Or as we like to call it "bad sledding". But it helps keep the riff raff out, eh Joyful?

Actually water isn't an issue since my new-found fortune. OK I'll share the secret: I've been down in Tennesee selling dehydrated water. The big package has been selling the best.

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