Patern matching on drapery panels

judyt_2008February 23, 2008

I am making pinch pleat draperies for the first time. My window width requires that multiple widths of fabric be sewn together and my fabric has a large print. I'm struggling to find a good way to sew two fabric widths together so that the pattern matches. Does anyone have a good method for this?

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Use your 54" piece in the center and add to the sides matching your pattern.

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I have a book entitled "The Well-Dressed Window" that says how to do this as follows: (bear with me, it's kinda long)

Matching a print at the seams is painless when you use 1/2" wide double-stick fusible web tape (NOTE: I'm thinking they mean Steam-A-Seam or similar product).

1. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to fuse the tape to the selvage of one panel. Press under 1/2" on the selvage of this panel. Remove the paper backing; the tape will be sticky.

2. With the panels side by side on a large, flat surface, find the matching repeat along the second panel edge. Position the panel edge with the web tape on top of the second panel, aligning the motifs and pressing it in place with your fingers. The tape is repositionable before it's ironed, so you can adjust it as needed.

3. When matching is complete, follow the manufacturer's instructions to press the edge in place. Use an up-and-down motion to press; do not slide the iron over the fabric. On the wrong side, stitch along the crease to sew the seam.

Although I haven't personally used this method (I have not done much home dec), I have made valances from this book and found the instructions very reliable and good. Hope this helps! Good luck!


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Matching your pattern repeat also requires extra fabric,so i hope you took that into consideration when shopping for your fabric,as it will make a big difference,and if you didn't buy enough you may not be able to match it perfectly.

Go to your local library and see if they have the Singer Sewing for the Home series of books,Most library's have them.They have good instructions as do the Sunset books also available at libraries and your Home Depot type stores and fabric stores.

Be sure to read your instructions well before you cut into your fabric.Measure twice,cut once.

Good luck and keep us informed,as to how it's going or any other questions.

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Thank you keepeminstitches! Your method worked beautifully!

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Thanks to all of you for the wonderful advice! I'm pretty good now at matching the pattern when piecing two fabric widths. Do any of you have suggestions for how to make sure that when sewing the lining, interlining and decorator fabric together at the top, each layer is straight and lined up properly relative to each other? It's seems that you have to have a table big enough to lay the panels out flat. I'm aligning the panels at the bottom, matching the top of each hem (so each linings hang higher than the decorator fabric)and it seems tricky to match three layers. On the first one, I matched the lining and the decorator fabric first and pinned and then matched the interlining and pinned again. Now I need to figure out how to make sure the three layers are straight and flat so I can sew the buckram at the top.

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judyt, I am sure that you are enjoying your window treatment. I made pinch pleats recently and
used the lining with the interline fabric backing. Much easier to use. The thickness is about the same as having a lining and interlining. The drapes hang the same as having two layers.
Just a thought for your next window treatment project.

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There are two ways to make down or bottom up.

1. Top down. Sew together the layers at the top with the buckram and then after it is all turned right sides out mark the length for all the layers.

2. Bottom up. Put hems in all the layers first, place them together at the bottom (allow the linings to be a little shorter than the face fabric) and smooth it all out even pinning well. Turn over the top to the correct length allowing for 8" so that you can double fold the buckram into the heading. Cut away the lining and interlining as needed (sometimes you cut to the finished length, sometimes if the fabric is thinner leave some of it in the top heading for extra softness).

I hope this helps!

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