washable central H & A filters?

caliroseDecember 27, 2010

I'm looking for imput on different types of washable filters. I have read the H & A forum, but didn't see anything about washable ones, except possibly one person who uses cheap filters and a black overlay of window filter.

I usually vacuum my filter weekly. I probably only wash every 6 mos. I alternate 2. How long should the washable type last? How clean am I getting it, running water from the backside through it? I don't remember the filter co. recommending using soap. I have had these for a while.

Basically - what do you use?

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found info on line

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I have a washable AC filter I have been using almost 5 years. It works great, it costs about $30.
I don't know the brand but it looks like the one on the link below.
It has a plastic cover with squares, just hose it out real good every month.

No replacement pads needed
Wash and reuse
Lasts a lifetime

Here is a link that might be useful: AC filter

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