callie25December 31, 2013

Grainlady, how do you manage to cut your own hair? I spend too much for cuts. However, I do color my own (which is a simple process). Is your hair long or short? Details please.

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No guts, no glory.... You can find instructions and videos for cutting hair on-line and check your local library for books/videos. I observed what professionals did, and did the same thing at home. It also helps to get a pair of professional shears, and I also use thinning shears occasionally. I prefer the short cutting shears. They are easier for me to handle behind my ears.

I have a short layered wedge cut, sweeping bangs, and I trim the neckline with a 1/4" guard on electric clippers while holding a mirror in one hand, and the clippers in the other, so I can see the back neckline. I went to hubby's barber, who is a friend of ours, and he gave me a few tips for doing that.

I have people stop me and ask where I get my hair done because that's the cut they want, but can't get their hairdresser to do, and I tell them I cut it in my bathroom. TA DA!


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I admire you grainlady for doing that, no way would I even try on myself. Everything is backwards in the mirror. I use to trim my husband and my son's hair in between reg haircuts. I did run clippers over the boys heads when that was the style.

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Grainlady, I do admire you for cutting your own. I have cut my husband's hair for years (easy enough). However, it all feels backwards trying to cut my own. My bangs are as far as I get (at least I save a few bucks for that). I have a fairly short layered cut & even after viewing the how to's online, it probably won't be for me. Also having fine hair doesn't help me either. Thanks for sharing.

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Another option is blunt hair. Once you get rid of those layers you can easily cut it and angle the sides or bangs if you want for volume. Layers have been IMHO very expensive.

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I wish I dared! My friend Sarah cuts her own short hair and it looks great! Maybe I'll ask her t cut mine and see how it goes. It will grow back after all...

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We use a Flowbe - ever heard of that? We have saved so much money by purchasing this...
We hook it up to our vacuum so that the hair goes directly down the tube to the vac. They have different attachments for lengths, and it is always best to go with the largest so that you don't take off too much. The attachment pieces can be stacked also for longer hair. Initially, we paid $60.00 for it but we have had it for several years. You can look on Ebay and other other web sites for a good price. It works great and we never to to the barber. My husband has me use this on his hair and folks are so surprised how nice it is when I tell them we use a Flowbe. Some of our friends have now purchased one.

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