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budsterFebruary 6, 2009

my niece who lives in Texas will cope with the change in her lifestyle now that it looks like she might be jobless. I do not wish her bad luck, but this is a girl who decided to have an expensive lifestyle on a worker's paycheque. She would phone to tell me the cost of having buttons sewn back on her toddler's clothing, the expense of getting her DH's jeans shortened. She can sew......not any great guns but enough to do these tasks herself as I told her many times - it was not from lack of time or skill, she just thought things like this were beneath her. It looks like reality is gonna hit big time.

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I agree. A lot of folks are gonna be doing things the way grandma did.

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Cheryl, I don't understand things like this. We have alway done things for ourselves. Saved tons of money doing it over the years. She may have to learn the hard way.. Sad, but true. Sounds kinda sill that you can't even sew on a button..


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What is sad is that these little things cause "big trama" in her life....so much so she calls me to moan about them. I support her 100% because she is my niece but I have ALWAYS told her the cost of these little "jobs" add up and I am now thinking she will have to "relearn" many of these skills. It is sad to me as this girl may not be any great sewer but she does have basic sewing skills which could save her some of her hard earned paycheque which she will no doubt pay for someone else to do the job. Hopefully the sewer who does the job will need the cash more than her. Budster, known as "my cheap aunt"

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