Anyone done the gift sites?

carschelesDecember 8, 2005

I just started going for these freebies (not usually free per se - let's call them cheapies). Where you try products and get some type of "gift" in return?

I've read articles about them on and (and some other sites) and they seem legit. I've already jumped into doing about 6 different ones.

There are 2 different types. One is try a specific amount of offers to get your free gift. The more expensive the gift, the more offers you have to try. The other type is called referral. You try less offers but then have to get friends to sign up to try offers too.

I'm only doing 1 referral site because it's only 2 offers (total cost $1) and 3 referrals for an Ipod nano 4gb. The rest of my gifts don't require referrals.

Here are two articles:,2125,64614-2,00.html?tw=wn_story_page_next1


and link for the Ipod signup (please use this link if you decide to sign up so I can get credit):

Has anyone else tried these?

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Yeah, tried to get the iPod once, ended up forgetting to cancel one of the services and paid two months of Blockbuster online that I never used.

Kind of a pain!

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