Threading your serger

sewing.2008February 8, 2008

They used to intimidate me but not any more. I only have 30% use of my right hand and it takes me longer but I do it and I am not afraid any longer. You know the shape of the cancer ribbons on cars. Go to your drugstore and asl for blue dental floss in the same shape. you will never have to worry about doing the loopers again. Stick the end of the floss( there are 2 ends on it) stick them both in the looper and pull it through almost all the way with your long tweezers and then put your thread in it and pull it through. Bingo threaded. The ones I have are blue plastic but I am sure the clerks at your pharmacy will know what you mean. YOU WILL LOVE THEM. I keep dropping mine on the floor and the little buggers are hard to see but I always find them. Good luck

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When I bought my serger, many years ago, they told me to buy some of those. They sure do make things easier!
Kathy G in MI

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I usually tie on ,so hardly ever have to start from scratch.But that's a good idea.Thanks

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I usually tie on also, but I'm having trouble picturing what it is you are describing. Guess I will stop at a CVS today and poke around in the "dental" aisle - LOL!

My good friend made me thread and re-thread my serger (without tying on) several times before she ever let me sew with it. Now I'm glad she made me do it!

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I have a white and it is so easy to thread but any help is appreciated...I'll try it for the needle threading for sure...My threading is color coded and it is easy to follow.

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I use the little plastic loops that are meant to go under dental bridgework and/or braces. Mine are called BridgeAid Dental Floss Threaders. There's a phone # listed on the package 1-800-528-3384, $4.00 per 50 threaders, free shipping.

But I get mine from my dentist for free from time to time...little does he know they're also being used for serging! HEHEHEHE


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