need help on wiring of craftsman 139.53970srt gdo

co_cliffAugust 10, 2008


I just bought a condo unit with a previously installed Craftsman GDO. Upon inspection, some of the wires were not connected to the unit. I don't have access to an owner's manual. Here's what I got so far:

Sensor wires are connected to terminals 2/3.

The wall mounted pad has 4 wires (Red/Yellow/White/Black). Currently, the Red is connected to terminal 1 and the yellow and white wires are connected to terminal 2. The black wire is not connected.

Can someone please help me figure out if the wall control is connected properly?

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You have an older model wall control. I can no longer remember the color coding but you will end up with 1 or 2 wires not connected. If the wall control is working as it is presently wired you can just leave it that way. If not you need to try different combinations but it will need take 2 of the wires.

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If you go to go to the parts page, type in the model # you will get to a page where you can get the owners manual. That way you can trace out the wires to see where they connect or check the link below

Here is a link that might be useful: manual

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Thanks for the suggestions. Crazy that Sears would use a 4 wire wall control but only require 2-3 of the wires be connected at the GDO.

I've got newer (2000) Chmberlin Liftmasters including the owners manual. The wall control for that unit only has 2 wires, so there's no issue with it.

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That wall control with 4 wires goes to an opener that is about 20 years old. Someone was just to lazy to install the one that came with the new opener.

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