Grocery comparisons?

agnesdDecember 23, 2003

Hi, Is there a site that compares grocery item prices among the major chains? This would be a great help. Thanks.

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No site can keep up with the comparisons... I usually go to the grocery stores and buy the 'loss leaders' in the weekly paper. Then try to plan menu around them.

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Here's what I did. For 45 days, I shopped at my local Kroger and Publix. I saved all the receipts, even if it was a quick run to pick something up. I had DH keep all his receipts, too.

At the end of 45 days, I sat down and compared all the receipts, especially on things you buy all the time, like drinks, frozen dinners, breads, milk, OJ, eggs, yogurt, etc.

Even with Kroger's card discount, and in-store coupon use, Publix was by far the cheapest. On an average week, it beats Kroger by at least $20. I didn't think it would be that different but was greatly surprised after completing my exercise.

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Oh yes, I agree! I did my comparison like I would with a mojor purchase. I went to both stores and wrote down the prices for milk, eggs, meats, vegetables, etc. I found that there is a major difference b/w stores and their cost. I ended up saving about 35 dollars/ month on the other store.

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I've found that Kroger's prices on sale are still more than the regular prices at the Super Walmart, but I just can't stand the meat at Walmart, so I use the savings card and buy meat at Krogers.

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I don't know of a site, but I do know that our local warehouse grocery store, Winco, is by far cheaper than the other grocery store chains...even if I use coupons and doublers at those other stores. Whenever I do have to run into one of the chain stores, I am shocked at how much more $$ each item is.

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Thanks Karen, now I don't have to do the comparison! LOL. Publix now gives double coupons up to & including 50 cents.

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On return trip from Prairies, saw a gallon jug of milk in u p MI just north of Mackinac Bridge at Holiday gas station/convenience store for US$2.19 (Cdn $2.91) - so couldn't resist it, as it was 3.85 litres and I pay $3.79, $3.99 or up to $4.29 for 4 litres here in London.

Left it in the car for two nights after my return - it was frozen solid when I brought it in yesterday.

I'm suffering symptoms of withdrawal, as I hate to go buy a new jug when I have a full one in the frig. Just used some for porridge - sort of supercharged. But I'll have some rather blue milk when the ice gets thawed.

It was late evening so we put seats back for a nap outside the store, as we'd travelled from n WI that day. Sheriff's guys soon tapped on window: store staff worried what we up to, as several visits into store and bought nothing.

I assured the policeman that we'd bought gas (showing receipt) in addition to milk (as well as using bathroom and getting warm), so he was mollified.

I told him that, though it's unwise to drive when sleepy, it looked as though it would be a good idea for us to move on and take a nap elsewhere. He agreed.

It wasn't a large quantity of gas, as I can fill the tank only a bit less than half full, due to a recently discovered leak - we bought a replacement tank in dry climate Edmonton and brought it down ensconced like a celebrity in the back seat.

I have a rather small gas can that we took with us. While travelling in early morning of Dec. 26 in Saskatchewan, saw guy carrying gas can, carried him about 3 mi. to his car (son shoehorned into full back seat) - he, alone in car rental office, hoping no potential customers on doorstep, 45 min. late for work, about 40 mi. yet to go, glad for ride. A few hours later we found a (larger) gas can sitting on the side of the road - so now I have two cans (for two vehicles). Just one guy. Go figure.

What with all the extra blankets, sleeping bags, Christmas stuff, etc., customs guys asked if we were moving. Didn't notice gas tank, covered in garbage bags.

More to the story about the trip - but no nmore room here. Write if you might enjoy the full tale.

Enjoy your New Year, all. Bring some joy to others as you go.

ole joyful

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Crab and whine.

Gas tank began leaking, bought one locally for $75., pump included, thought it pretty rusty, garage man agreed.

Said they bring them in from AZ and Alberta, where air drier and they use less salt on icy roads, probably just over $100. Told him to check them out: when called next day, he said price about $300.

Time to leave. Son said, "Dad - we're going to Alberta".

Bought gas tank in Edmonton, $50. not including pump. Drove down with it sitting in back seat like big shot riding in a limo (but my old car is no limo).

Took car with tank to garage yesterday.

This morning garage man called - tank wrong one, can't be jury rigged to make it work.


Grump, grump. Now threatening to send tank back to Edmonton - C.O.D.

Have a great New Year, all.

only slightly joyful, today

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But ...

... but ...

... my car (which normally resides in an area that gets down to about 8 degrees below zero F. occasionally in winter) ...

... isn't a convertible!

And, being of rather advanced age, children's seats aren't high on my priority list.

With regard to grocery shopping, I think it quite likely that different price regimes may apply in differing areas of the country(ies).

Our flyer prices usually last for a weeek, sometimes for two weeks, but as I'm rather old and live alone, I usually don't shop using a cart, so it makes little sense for me to travel very far to avail myself of a lower price on one or a few items, but I try to check the prices in the flyers and am willing to travel a short distance, if I may have another errand to run near a store where they have some things that I want at an advantageous price.

On the other hand ... if the price is quite a bit below the usual, and I can store the product, I'm inclined to buy enough to last for some time while the price is low ... and I don't live in a cramped apartment where storage space is often at a premium. I have a(n old-style) basement ... plus a garage ... and a two-vehicle shed with extra space for workbench, storage, etc. ... and a couple of barns, including former stables.

ole joyful

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Actually there used to be a site that would list the ads and compare them, but the one time I looked at it the problem was comparing sizes and the like. Many of the stores have their ads online so you can check their ads. Not always are they sale items. But it could be a good starting point to compare and I too saved my receipts and logged them for a while. I've gotten to know good price points on common purchases so I can tell if it's a good deal or not. But one thing I did was use a comparison standard. For instance an 18oz jar of peanut butter was OK at about $1.60, and less than that, all the better. So if I saw a 28 oz jar for $1.99 it was easy to tell it was a good deal if I could use that much. Another example is toilet paper. Scott paper at 50¢ per roll is a pretty good deal. So anything else needed to give me for instance 4-250 sheet rolls for 50¢ to compare. And calculating out a Scott 6 roll, 12 roll, 16 roll or 20 roll pkg is relatively easy. I recently got some for 38¢ per roll which is very cheap nowadays. Grapes are good at 99¢/# and I have a thing that I just won't pay over $1.29/# no matter how much I want them, unless I NEED them for a certain event.

Now if you really get into it you can have a price book for everything and keep it maintained, but I don't go that far anymore. Right now the selection of grocery stores is diminishing so there's essentially two local ones that are competitive in pricing. Another smaller store I think of more as a convenience store. Excellent quality on produce and meat, but you pay more. But closer for something needed for a spur of the moment BBQ with friends or the like.

One thing I try to caution people about saving on groceries is that look for opportunities to save money on frequent purchases first. For instance, if you buy one can of coffee every two years, you can pay a couple dollars more for it and amortized out, it's not that significant. However if you go through a loaf of bread a week and can save just 10¢ per loaf, you'll save far more over a years' time. Also, if you buy an "expensive" frozen dinner, but it keeps you from going out to eat, you're still spending less! Then if you make that a regular happening and can get that item cheaper, all the better.

Oh, one other thing, FWIW. Since my price book hasn't been updated for quite a while, I'm starting to keep a log of stores and certain special things they carry or have great deals on. For instance when I know I'm going to Aldi, I check my Misc. list for Aldi and see that they have a great pie occasionally, produce, salad bags, etc. I may not need it right then but if it's cheap enough I stock up so I have it until next trip since I don't go there often. Also, there's a few things I make note of that I can only get at one or two places. Saves a lot of frustration. I also have the prices in there so I know when they go up or down. Very helpful. Sort of a modified price book.


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I too am a loss leader kind of person. All the weekly ads come to my mailbox on Wed. I check them and write out my shopping list accordingly. I have a route to go from store to store all in a line, as not to waste gas. I probably drive a total of about 5 miles going from store to store and back home.

Also, I know which stores are cheaper for nice produce/meat vs the other stores. But the store that is cheaper with those products is very expensive for canned items, so I hit another store for those things.

This week I was able to stock my deep freeze at one store because they had split chicken breasts, country pork ribs, spare ribs, hams and hamburger all on sale for .99 cents a pound at Safeway. I purchased a little over 150 lbs of meat to stick in the deep freezer. Then I went on to the next store named Saars Marketplace where their produce is super cheap and loaded up on that and drove down the street a little further and purchased all my canned items at the store known for having cheap canned items. I will only purchase loss leaders and sale items if it is truly and item we use on a regular basis. Then I buy the limit and stock my shelves and rotate stock accordingly.

Also, if you get in store coupons that come in the mail for a lot of different stores, Albertson's will honor all the other stores coupons. So depending on what the items are, I will go there and buy a lot of different misc. items there all at once. The only problem with that is that most the stores around here will publish their prices but no coupons in their ads.

Some months I will spend a lot of money stocking up, but then after doing this I can go about 6 months only spending on average about $50 a month on groceries and some months I will only spend about $20 just buying fresh produce. After calculating everything with the way I shop, it costs the 2 of us about $15 a week to eat very well. But this is also because I don't buy "prefab" foods that come in a box. Almost everything I cook is from scratch. I only buy tuna in the can, cooking soups in the can, etc. Other than that, I pretty much make it all. If you pick one day a week to do the bulk of your cooking, you can go all week without cooking. I make extra and freeze some of it instead of buying boxed frozen prepared foods. That saves a bundle too!

Happy Savings Everyone ;)

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Does anyone else comp shop at Walmart? Our supercenter has a nice variety of groceries, and they will match identical items from other printed store ads within 50 mi.
This week I got 3 33 oz cans folgers classic roast at $2.99-their price 7.96, (saved $12), 93% ground beef for $1.69lb, bought 4 saved $17.03, pork butt roast at .99, saved $3.36, country style ribs @.99, saved $3.36, and 20 cans of libbys veggies at .50-saved $17.40. As I have lost contents of 2 freezers in past couple years, I am having to stock up more...
I always sit down with grocery ads, (use ones from next larger city) and make a list of the things each store has on sale, along with things I am needing to replace. I always have my ads in my handbag, and can find the items in the ads pretty easily if the cashier wants to see it in print.
I find that I save a considerable amount of money this way, and am stocked up on items that aren't perishable. I always have a couple of throw together meals- usually cans/boxes that Hubby can get creative with if I have to work late.
I am finding that the prices have really increased the last month or so, and without this saving practice, I would be in real trouble....
Hubby doesn't like WM meat, but I don't like the meat from the store he prefers. She who does the shopping makes the choices....right?

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If you live in a major metro, you probably have the type of site you are looking for. Below is link to on in Raleigh. It is basically user driven. People put in the prices on a variety of items each week. You can then find the places with the best deals on the items you want. Of course, you can do the same thing yourself by shopping at a variety of places and tracking the prices, but you get a lot more data if you have hundreds of people participating.

Here is a link that might be useful: raleigh pricing

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WalMart, most groceries, canned, frozen.
Safeway, loss leaders, produce, meat.

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