Best 'thermal' lining for silkesse fabric panel

mqmoiFebruary 25, 2007

Hi, I am either making or hiring out a casual pinch-pleated patio panel drape. The face fabric is a home decor from JoAnn's, a "silkesse" as it is called--polyester. (It's the perfect color and look I'm after, so I'm thrilled about finding it.) It is thin and slippery.

I already searched here and learned about interlining with flannel that is sold for this purpose (and about pre-washing it as well, good tip!) I should do this, yes?

I need also to line it, but what would be the best lining to insulate from weather and still keep a sense of flow with the fabric and pleats? I'm concerned about the heavy lining that is girdle-like fabric--not sure what it's called.

There appears to be many new products on the market, so I'm hoping one will help me achieve both things: form and function.

Thanks much.

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My suggestion would be to use the flannel interlining used for this purpose and regular drapery lining. The combination of drapery ling and the interlining will help with insulating and make the drapes hang very nicely. If you use to heavy lining it will take away from flow of you drapery fabric. I have made drapes this way and it works very well.


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Excellent. That sounds like a good compromise. Thank you.

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