Renovating a 1920 Pullman Kitchen

splinkyMay 1, 2008

Hi there, I wonder if anyone here has tackled renovating a pullman kitchen. This particular pullman is in an alcove that is 30 inches deep, 7 feet wide and 9 feet tall. I've got to fit a fridge, range, microwave, dishwasher and sink in that space. The plan is to be able to close doors in front of the kitchen which is located along the wall of the large livingroom. I'd love to see any pictures and hear any suggestions. I have alot of ideas but I figure you all may have some better ones. Thanks!

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I am bad with names but I know there was one imparticular of a tiny NYC kitchen that was gorgeous. There may have been 2 . Did you look on FKB for tiny kitchens ? Also Google images for pullman kitchens. Good luck. Caroline

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I found this one on google. It looks like it may be 8' though. You could fit an 24" fridge, 24" wall oven with a 12" or 24" induction cooktop above it, 18" sink cabinet (albeit that's a small sink) and 18" DW. The advantage of using an induction cooktop with an oven under it instead of a range is that you get to use the surface as counter space when not using all of the burners. Diva de Provence makes a very nice product in this size. Liebherr and Summit make nice 24" refrigerator/freezers. You can find out more about small appliances on the appliance forum. This is an interesting challenge. Good luck.

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There is a IKEA kitchen in IKEAFANs that is an efficient, creative, artsy use of a small space. It may give you some ideas...

Here is a link that might be useful: JOERG 67

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many thanks so much to everyone for your help! your suggestions, photos and sketches are wonderful and most helpfuland appreciated. i'm excited about taking on this project.

bmorepanic, which design application did you use? i love that you can add notes and that it has smaller appliances included.

many thanks to all!

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I don't have one. I just use ms paint.

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I've pretty much decided on using the 24 inch 10CU FT Liebherr fridge and a 24 inch viking gas range. I'd love to fit a 30 inch range but am not sure if I can fit a sink over a 24 inch dish drawer or if it's better to go for an 18 inch dishwasher and a very small sink. Would love to hear thoughts on this and any other suggestions for space planning. I'd like to make this small kitchen alcove as efficient as possible. Thanks

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splinky--if your budget allows, how about the 27-1/2" Cormatin range by Lacanche? A nice compromise in size, almost any color you want plus stainless and black and more positive feedback than Viking on these forums. (Do a search on the Appliances Forum to learn more.)

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Ok, well, GE make the little devil dw below. You get a slightly larger sink and dw.

Bluestar also makes a 24" version, if that helps, as does american range, bertazzoni, capital, delonghi and fisher paykel.

Here is a link that might be useful: Under sink dw

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