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carla35August 27, 2005

What's the best way to remove wallpaper border? Does it usually come off easily, or does it take some time? Thanks!

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Depends on if it was put on a painted wall, or over other wallpaper, and what they used to put it on. I think the POs in our house used rubber cement to put up all the wallpaper. It was a bear.

If it's on wallpaper, it should peel off rather easily. If it's on a painted wall, you should be able to get the first layer off, and then may have to soak off what's left. Wet the under layer with warm water, and let it soak awhile. It should come off qutie easily then, although messy.

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Thanks, Joyce. I think the border was put directly over the painted wall...not sure what was used to put on it. Guess we'll try peeling it off and then use warm water to get the rest. I read soaking it with fabric softner may help too; might try that if nothing else works. Thanks again.

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Carla -- I've used fabric softener, too. But I think warm water works just as well. Good luck. It's a nasty job no matter how you look at it.

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If the border is a true "wallpaper" border and is fairly new I suspect it was a pre-pasted, vinyl border. Any of the commercially avaiable chemical wall-paper removers like "FAST" will reactivate the paste and allow you to remove it with a scaper. However the chemical ususally won't permeate through the vinyl oputer covering. I'd suggest the following:

1) Start to peel/scrape with a flexible metal or plastic scraper. Don't use razor scraper yet as you risk gouging the wall unnecessarily.

2) If the adhered meatrial is fibrious, like paper, then use a garden sprayer to satuate it with FAST and then remove the residue.

2a.) use a wallpaper steamer. The steamer reactivates the paste to allow easy removal of the paper. (Wagner home version is about $75).


FWIW if you have other wallpaper you plan to remove yourself this is a pretty good thing to have.

3.) Wash the wall with TSP and paint.

Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: FAST

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We used a wallpaper steamer, and mixed some vinegar into the tank. It worked great once we scored the wallpaper, let the steamer get really hot, and steamed the wallpaper for a while. It took a lot of steam to really loosen the glue.

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I've tried removers but I've always had as good a result if not better with a home made brew of warm water, vinegar and a little softener or soap. The last item is just to help prevent it from evaporating too quickly. The key is wet it, let it sit, wet it, let it sit, let it sit then wet it before letting it sit before you scrape it off. Get the idea, the key is patience. Give the stuff TIME to soften the paste. Like others said, if it is vinyl coated you may have to score it with a paper tiger wheel or some coarse sand paper. I like the zinzer paper tiger. Steamers and such are a mess, a pain in the neck, potentially burn you (or kids) and don't work as well. This is still a mess but it is cheap and it works well as long as you don't try to rush it.

Here is a link that might be useful: PaperTiger

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Thanks, everyone...
Went out and got that Paper Tiger today! Hopefully it will help do the job. Will try a steamer if it doesn't come off easy enough. Thanks again.

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I'm wondering how this job went? I'm in the process of redecorating the part of the house we just moved into ... long story short, his parents are older and need to be all on one level of the house, we can use the room on the other side of the house with 2 stories ... anyhow, MIL put up border in the bathroom and kitchen, I'm not a border person :) So, what worked? *laughs* I bought something called Dif to try.

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Does Anyone know if it is possible to remove a wallpaper border without damaging the wallpaper underneath? If so, how?

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I removed my wallpaper border easily by saturating it with hot water and scraping. Last year I painted the room up to the border so now I have a thin paint line. Any suggestions as how to remove the paint line. I'm thinking of sanding but not sure what to use.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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