60 inch French Door Pricing

david_caryAugust 29, 2007

I have a 60 inch french door out to the deck that has seen better days. The glass is clouded up and the wood is rotting - I also would like the mullions in between the glass instead of the tacked on ones that these doors have. It is a 1993 house. At Lowes's you can get a nice set of doors for about $300 at the 72 inch size (obviously I am talking the total size - not per door). If you do the 60 inch size - a comparable door is $1000 - this is because it has to be custom ordered. It maybe a bit better door but that is still a big jump up in price.

I am talking a wood door, painted white with a 15 lite glass. Nothing particularly fancy.

Is there a source for this size that is more in line with the 72 inch price? I almost wonder if I could enlarge the opening the extra 12 inches but I suspect that would be a lot of work.

I appreciate any help. Google and a forum search has not helped.

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A double set of exterior French doors for $300? Who makes these doors?
I would stay away from painted wood doors. Buy a quality door and have it installed correctly. Even a good door installed poorly will die a premature death. Sort of like the door you have now. There's no good reason a 14 year old door would need to be replaced that was installed correctly and well maintained. It's just such a waste of time and money.

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Ron - while I hear you, what would you suggest? I am not planning on staying in the house greater than 5 years so durability is not a huge consideration. All of the windows around the doors are painted wood. All of the interior doors are painted wood. All of the trim in the house is .... painted wood (well probably MDF). There is oak hardwood floors and I absolutely hate oak on anything other than floors. So I can't see what else would really match....

I believe Anderson makes the doors - sold at Lowe's

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I do not think Andersen makes a 60" french door for that price. They don't make a door that's painted on the exterior. By that I mean, you don't paint the door. All their doors are pre finished.
I haven't ordered an exterior door in years for a customer that wasn't maintaince free. You might find an exterior, 60" french door for $300 at a salvage place. I don't know.

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You are right. They are all maintenance free now - some are wood but aluminum clad on the outside - so we were both right.

The brand is "Relia-Built" or something like that.

Anyway - I went to HD and they seem to have more options with the 60 inch. The salesman was too busy to help but the sign implied that you didn't pay more for 60 inch - but they didn't stock it.

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Ummm - I paid $2500 for my Anderson French Doors. New Construction doors. No Grills. LowE Glass. Wood NOT Vinyl! 6 feet wide.

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The variation in pricing is truly amazing. At that standard size you can get doors for $300 - not Anderson but seem fine. Go up to $500 and you can get the blinds between the panes that you can open and close easily. These are for steel doors which are the cheapest. I've done a fair amount of research now and wood is definitely not the cheapest. Hopefully the exterior portion of yours is not just wood but covered with aluminum.

Wood may look nice (if stained - if painted you can't really tell) but has the worst insulating capacity. Really most of the door is glass so it doesn't matter much.

My comparative shopping is almost done. In the end HD- $550 and Lowes $650. So nearly double to get the 60 inch size. This is for steel with 15 lite mullions (external) and standard glass. Low E was about $80 more - mine gets a small amount of sun.

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Not sure where you're from but I'm sure in the south everything is cheaper. I would NEVER ever go with Steel.

They dent. Period.

Kids with football, dog with toys, your own foot, or even a branch hitting it IT WILL DENT.

I do agree $2500 is insane

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I got a quote for Pella 72 inch double outswing, vinyl clad exterior, pine inside with 15 lite wood mullions French Doors at Lowes for $2300. The wood (painted in my case) inside is much nicer than steel and you get the added benefit of the low maintenance vinyl outside. There is no substitution for a beautiful painted wood french door, especially if everything else in your house is wood.

Throw on some beautiful hardware and you have a conversation piece.

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cleo, exactly my thoughts. I also have the vinyl on the outside and I plan on painting the inside soon.

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