Touchup eggshell painted walls- do it all?

brussoAugust 2, 2010

I have some walls that are eggshell finish, painted less than a year ago. I need to touchup a few sections but was told that I need to re-paint the entire wall because eggshell walls do not touchup very nicely and in fact, the touchup will stand out. Is this true? If so, is it only with eggshell? what about hi gloss, satin etc.?


brusso - Atlanta

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In my experience, touchups are seldom invisible. The best success I have had with touching up paint is flat or matte finish light-colored painted walls. So, try to touch it up, be prepared for a wall paintover.

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If the walls were rolled originally and you touch up with a brush it leaves a smoother texture than a roller.

You can try touching up with a smaller roller using the same nap of roller.

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