Recommend Mail Order Bank Checks?

chisueDecember 3, 2005

Does anyone here order bank checks through the mail or online? If so, have you been satisfied with certain companies? The ads I see offer checks for about half of what I pay when I order through my bank. Have banks complained?

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I've ordered them through the mail and had no problems. There was a misprint once but they replaced them in a couple of days. For some reason these places keep wanting to put your full name, address, phone # and if they can get it, they'll put the driver license # on them too. I won't put that on checks. I don't even like a full name on them. Less is better.

Don't remember the names offhand that I dealt with but they're ones who had the ads in the Sunday paper. If you need it I could look it up.

The one thing to beware of is they give the "deal" price only once. After that, you pay full bore and it's far more expensive than through the bank. They have no deals for repeat customers. It's almost like they don't want repeat business.

One of the few things I splurge on is the side tear checks. Only found one mail order place that had them and can't get a deal through them anymore. (Nope, won't pay them $28/box for checks!) So I got them much cheaper through the bank on a special order. Still not "cheap" but a far better deal than the alternative and I get what I want. I don't care about having cute pictures on my checks of rabbits doing what rabbits do best. I don't look at them very long and don't care. I use checks to pay bills and taxes. Nothing cute about that! I don't write many checks. And it's getting fewer with online and phone payments on bills, so one box of checks lasts me a long time.

One thing you could check on though (no pun intended) is that many banks have offerings where you'll get free checks for having certain banking services and accounts. If you write a lot of checks, it could be worth checking out.

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The check company that I dealt with used to be Current, now I think it's called Checks in the Mail. Anyway, no problems, great deals if you order multiple boxes. Plus they will start your checks at any number you want. We moved around with DH's previous job so constantly changed checking accounts. Didn't want a low number on my checks. Shipping is sometimes free as well. Usually less than two weeks for delivery.

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I have ordered checks over the phone. But I had to be very insistent. The person taking my order tried to get me to order 800 checks rather than 400, then a leatherette checkbook holder, then address labels to match my checks.

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I agree with Cynic's comment about those companies not seeming to want repeat business. I've also had problems with some of the cheaper check companies sending checks which were hard to tear or made of cheaper paper. Nowadays I use my debit card and electronic payment so often that it's not worth the time and money to order them anyplace but the credit union, which gives me a fair deal on high-quality checks.

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Don't know how you feel about Walmart but that's where I order my checks. Just go to and scroll down and on the left click on financial services, then check printing, then personal checks. They don't have many patterns to choose from but the kinda plain ones are 4 boxes (175 checks each) for $27.84.


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Thanks to you all. (Nancy, I don't *ever* shop there.)

Gee, maybe my bank's charges are not so high after all!

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Gee, I thought I was the only one who had a batch of tough-to-tear spenders! :)

Thought of the outfits I used. I used Current (who owns Checks in the Mail) and Designer Checks. I got suckered into buying the 4 box deal once and they lasted about 10 or 12 years. A couple times I used designer because they had the side tear and they were relatively cheap. I think it was about $5 or maybe a bit more with shipping.

I used to get the duplicate checks too but don't anymore. Even for the business though, I could never justify the outrageous cost for the desk set of checks! They're nuts!

If anyone has a source for side tears, let me know. I think I'll be starting the last pad next book change. Considering these have lasted about two years, I don't think I need to buy more than one box at a time though!

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We currently get checks (plain unadorned blue ones) from the bank because they're free--now that we've been thrown into the senior citizen category, I'll take advantage of the "benefits". . . In the past, I used the mail-order companies (from the Sunday ad inserts) which were fine in quality and service. If you're looking for particular features, check their websites, because they usually have more products than are shown in the ads. Make sure the checks you order have security features (microprint??)esp in the signature line--a few years back, one scam involved washing off original info (some pens are not permanent ink) with the forger changing data. With the microprint, if someone attempts to wash off the original info, the color changes, making it most obvious. Probably all add this security feature, but it's a good idea to doublecheck.

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anniebpa -- I never thought of asking if we qualify for free checks! Thank you for that tip.

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With advanced age comes ... enhanced knowledge (for some, anyway). I've often said that it's a poor day that one doesn't learn something.

Around here, seniors get a supply of cheques (yeah, Canadians spell funny!) plus several other banking services at no charge, e.g. no-monthly-fee basic accounts.

Hope you are enjoying the season.

ole joyful

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I just ordered checks from Wal-mart. 240 checks for $8.83...includes tax and shipping. I got the plain secure blue checks. They just sent me an email saying they have been shipped. Best deal I've ever found.

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I've done it twice now using two different companies. It has been great. I was very wary at first, but it has worked and saved me a lot of money. I ordered 800 checks each time. It's just soooo much cheaper than ordering through my bank!

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I have started using money orders (or cash) to pay my bills since the Check 21 law was passed in Oct 2004.

My personal checks have my bank account, address and signature on them- very valuable information for an ID thief. Until the laws are changed to properly punish ID thieves, I will be doing whatever is necessary to keep my information out of the wrong hands. Please see the links below for tips on how to use personal checks as safely as can be expected.

Check 21 is sweeping new federal law that takes away your ability to get back your original paper checks. Under this law, consumers will be more likely to bounce checks and may find themselves paying higher bank fees. The complicated new law gives you some rights, but those rights depend on a variety of factors, including how the merchant and the bank decide to process your check.

"Demand draft check scams"
If you have ever given anybody a check drawn on your checking account, then you have handed them all that they need to pull off this little scam.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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Well now, let's not go running off like Chicken Little. The sky isn't falling just yet.

"Check 21 is sweeping new federal law that takes away your ability to get back your original paper checks."

My, my, that sounds awfully ominous. Bureaucracy taking away my Constitutional right to returned checks. Wow. Are people *really* that bent out of shape about not getting checks back? Personally, I don't want my cancelled checks floating around through the mail or sitting in the mailbox for a potential fraud perp. to take advantage of! Nor do I want them sitting in a drawer cluttering up my house! I don't intend to paper the walls with them so what good are they? I don't understand the paranoia and kerfuffle over not returning checks! I haven't gotten mine back for over 25 years and don't want them. Eventually most people just throw them without shredding, posing a greater threat. Getting the checks back certainly won't prevent the scams referenced above. I don't understand what is the affection to these cancelled checks.

"Under this law, consumers will be more likely to bounce checks and may find themselves paying higher bank fees."

Well, yes and no. But again, let's not misrepresent it. If you play the float and "beat the check" game, and lose then of course you will be more likely to bounce checks, but most of the people who play these games are rubber babies anyway and cause trouble for us legitimate check writers. There's been nothing shown to me that suggests that responsible check writers will be any more likely to bounce checks than now. Check 21 *is* however certainly a threat to the people who try to play the check float game and beat-the-check-to-the-bank game. Few realize that it's a crime to write a check without the funds in the account. Yes, it's a crime to write a check today with the intention of depositing another check next Friday to "cover" it. And that's assuming that the person who wrote you the check you plan to deposit isn't playing the same game you are! :) Since I don't do that, I'm not affected by that part of C21 either.

So let's not misrepresent what the law actually is. Make up your mind on whether it's a good or bad law based on facts, not hyperbole from some fearmongers posing as consumer advocates. (And I'm referring to those web sites running off at the mouth without posting any facts. I am *not* referring to any poster here.)

Common sense dictates not to write a check unless the funds are already in your account. My Mother would have phrased it as "Don't make a promise you can't keep!" If more people were more responsible in this manner, we wouldn't even need a law like C21 for people to be afraid of. For that matter, if people were more responsible, checks would still be a practical and common form of payment when shopping anywhere. Because of the scum who can't handle a checking account, there's a lot of places who won't take checks and I don't blame them one bit.

People do need to check their bank and credit statements regularly for problems. You also need to check mortgage payment records for mistakes. Far too few do. People should also use direct deposit more than they do. Few realize that the paycheck they're getting usually not only often has name and address on it, but also a social security # on it. Misdirect that in the mail or lose it or have it stolen, well, you get the picture. And people worry about not getting checks back!

The Qchex thing is nothing but a ripoff in my book anyway. Charging $5 to make a $20 payment is nothing but theft IMO!

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>Cynic -
"Well now, let's not go running off like Chicken Little. The sky isn't falling just yet."
"My, my, that sounds awfully ominous. Bureaucracy taking away my Constitutional right to returned checks."
"Wow. Are people *really* that bent out of shape about not getting checks back?"

Trs amusant! Sarcasm is the poor man's wit!

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Perhaps reality may be somewhere in between you two?

My credit union isn't sending my paper cheques back any more - they're photocopying them on the back of the monthly report.

So it would be as easy for anyone to trace that signature, also.

Have a glorious New Year, everyone. Full of health, happiness, enough prosperity to meet your needs - and friends with whom to enjoy life.

ole joyful

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> joyfulguy- Perhaps reality may be somewhere in between you two?


I am looking forward to the day when we can put a permanent freeze on our credit reports and only allow permission to view them on a case by case basis.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year also.

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My bank hasn't sent my cancelled checks back in years. There's just a statement of what was paid out with the check number and the amount.

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I'm a SAM's Club member and I have found their checks to have the best everyday price. I used to order from the flyers that appeared in the Sunday paper but the deals were always for first-time buyers only, so I could only order once from each company if I wanted to get the good price. I also buy the 3-on-a-page laser checks for the business I work for from SAM's Club. Also, their endorsement stamps are under $10 and can cost $15 or $20 elsewhere. No postage-and-handling charges either for these products.

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Scam's Club want me to pay a fee - up front - of about a dollar a week for the privilege of walking in their door.

As I live some distance away and don't go near them regularly on other business, if I don't walk through that door for a month or so - no refund; no credit.

At the end of the year - they require that I pay that Buck-a-Week over again for the privilege, next year.

I thought that I was doing a retailer a favour by darkening his door.

Apparently not.

'Bye, bye.

ole joyful

P.S. By the way - I live alone and, being frugal, don't buy a lot of stuff - new, anyway.

Good Will, yard sales, auction sales: the Sam's Cub (or Cost Corp.) (and the cards aren't interchageable) annual fee will buy quite a bit of gas to travel to them.

o j

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My bank hasn't sent the checks back for years, either.

The scams mentioned by dreamgarden predate Check 21 by at least 30 years or so. (That's how long I've had a checking account.) The fact that my name, address, phone number, signature appear on my checks, that's been true for 30 years as well. They have nothing to do with Check 21. And in thirty years I've never had need for a "recredit," whatever that is. DH spent 13 years in the banking biz, and he never heard of it either.

The articles mentioned do recommend balancing your checkbook every week, and actually examining your bank statement, to make sure that all is in order. A very wise move, if one decides to continue having a checking account.

I might add examining your credit card statement as well. Some identity thieves take advantage of the fact that folks give their CC statements a cursory glance and make a payment to the company, and keep their illicit purchases small.

Oh, I work part time at a department store...Please do sign your credit cards, or write "See I. D." in the space provided.

You wouldn't believe how many people don't. The rational is that then someone will have a copy of your signature, (as if they couldn't find that in your wallet!)

I actually saved some money using a CC, when my internet service provider went out of business. Had I written a check for services, I'd have been out of luck. When I called my credit card company, they refunded a pro-rated portion of the charge based of the service I didn't receive. I was pleased to find out that they weren't all heartless. I was surprized that they did that for someone who pays off her balance monthly, (so they make no money from me)

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Re: Signing your credit cards. Get your picture on your credit card, too!

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Putting my picture on my credit card would be a good idea.

I'd use it less often, as I wouldn't want to look at the picture.

Sort of like the picture on my driver's licence!

Hadn't thought of that.

ole joyful

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Uh, Ed, are you saying you don't drive as much because you don't want to look at the DL pic? :) You haven't removed your rear view mirrors, I hope!

I agree on the limiting access to credit reports. Irritates me to no end that a credit report affects insurance rates! And I'm not sure that just applying for a job automatically triggers a report. Also have a problem with a credit rating being a qualification for a lot of jobs. Some yes, not all.

Just me... A poor but witty man! :D

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Here's a link from Suze Ormans' site. She is encouraging people to contact their Senators and Congressmen to support Senate Bill 1408. Passing this bill would allow us to freeze our credit reports. Only 12 states allow you to freeze it now (unless your identity has already been compromised).

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We ordered the flyer type checks by going online to their website and entering our checking information. It seems like a good deal to me. We only write about 10 checks a month and have 2 checking accounts. For about $25.+ total we received 2 boxes of duplicate checks for each account-4 boxes total. We paid nothing extra for shipping and received 1 of the orders in less than 4 days and the other was received today (Feb 7, about 6 days including weekend) the orders were placed online on the night of Feb 1. True a reorder is about 30.00 or 60 for both accounts, but it will be years before we need to reorder and then can use another cheap 1st time company. We
stopped paying for deposit slips years ago. I pick up a bunch of blank ones at the bank.

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I've printed my own side-tear checks for years now. I used to order from those mail order places and would switch companies every time I needed to reorder for the cheaper price. Then one day when I was at Staples, I stumbled upon a $14 program to print your own checks. You can put exactly what information you want on the check, what graphics you would like, if any, and what style you would like them to print out in. I can pick up a box of 750 checks for something like $12 and customize them myself.

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