Need help on purchasing an exterior door

mmoneill3August 6, 2007

We currently have a wood front door. There is also two side lites. It's not as heavy as our old wood door (old house) and we have a huge draft coming in from all sides. I love the thought of a heavy wood door. I am not sure of these mdf, fibeglass etc. materials that are offered. I am also nervous about buying a door at a home center like home depot, because of the lack of knowledge on my part. If anyone can help with where I should start, how much I should expect to spend, and any ideas of where to buy a door ( we live in il). Much appreciation.

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The drafts are because of bad weatherstrip sealing, not the type/weight of the door.

It seems to me you need someone who makes doors to look at your situation. Reason for that opinion is that the construction of the door/side light assembly and the way it is installed may not support a much heavier door long term.

That means basically finding a custom door maker as the best option and a very experienced door installer as a second option.

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You can spend a lot of money on a new door and a couple years late, have more drafts. I built a new house in 1999. My front door is a graphite composite with sidelights. By 2004 I was adding weatherstrip because the drafts were so bad. All my other doors, metal, were leaking air too because the magnetic weatherstrip wasn't long enough on the side jambs. So I would get busy adding weatherstrip. I used the adhesive stuff and it's still on the jamb and does a good job.

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You can take your old wood door and dress it up to look new and save a ton of money. go to there you can use the design center to see how it would look and order it right online. and they are all american made products.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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