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lizzie2February 8, 2008

We are traveling to Disney for a vacation and I would like to go fabric shopping also. Are there any great fabric stores in the area? The last time I stopped at Baers in Louisville Ky and had a great time. Any shops would be great to explore?

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Lizzie, are you looking for quilt shops or fabric stores that sell garment fabrics? If you're looking for fabric stores, JoAnn's is it around here. Hancock's closed their last store about a year ago. :( There's a store up in Maitland called the Sewing Studio - they have a nice selection including lots of laces and stuff, but it's pretty far from Disney!

If you're looking for quilt shops, there's a nice one in downtown Kissimmee called Queen Ann's Lace. There are also several in the greater Orlando area - Apopka, DeLand, Sanford, and the east side of town, but again they are not near Disney.


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Thanks for the information. I am looking for fabric stores to buy fabric to make clothes. I am think about starting to quilt, never done that before and it might be fun. I will look up Queen Ann's Lace. Thank you very much.


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Hi Lizzie,

I'm going to Orlando next week and I was hoping to do some fabric shopping to make some clothes. I'm from Ireland and it's my first time in Orlando so any advice re fabric stores in the area would be great.



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i hate to tell you but baers closed in louisville last yr. ralfsmom

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For general fabric I would recommend Joann's or Sewing Studio (Maitland area on the north side of Orlando). If you get a copy of the Sunday newspaper, there's almost always an ad for JoAnn's that will give you 40% on one cut of fabric.

I'm sorry to hear about Baers! I live in Orlando now but lived in Louisville for several years. I shopped their often.


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Queen Ann's Lace now has an online shopping catalog. Search and purchase their fabrics 24/7 at: http://www.queenannslace.com

Here is a link that might be useful: Queen Ann's Lace Quilt Shop

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