Driveway/Asphalt Sealers - Your opinions, review, warnings..

actionclawAugust 28, 2013

Black Jack Asphalt Sealer, sold at Lowes, has a lot of negative reviews.
Lowes carries similar products (Jetcoat) that are "Not Yet Rated"

Homedepot sells Latex-ite which has a lot of good reviews (on but reviews for the same product at Amazon are almost all horrible.

I've only begun to look into the others but have a sneaking suspicion that, in most cases, the product sold by a particular store will be the best one available.

What are your unbiased opinions? Of Black Jack, Jetcoat, Latex-ite, QPR, TL-2000 Asphalt Pavement Rejuvenator ..or other Asphalt Sealers, from your personal experiences, which products are the best/worst? most and/or least recommended?

I'm focusing more on how well they stand up to company claims, durability, etc.; not so much about "ease of application".

(Usually an unutilized feature, many forums include the ability to create a survey. Too bad this one does not; this would be an ideal application.)


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Have several friends or former clients(I closed my remodeling business) who all treated or knew someone who treated their asphalt drive.

Not one person was satisfied long term.

Sealers are basically just thick paint and will peel up/degrade and wind up looking worse than the drive before use.

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Avoid the ones that are coal-tar based, they have a much higher content of toxic PAH compounds. The petroleum asphalt based ones have a much lower PAH content.

I haven't used any of them so I can't help you much with durability. Does Consumer Reports say anything?

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They are all completely useless. Your driveway does not need to be "sealed" from a functional standpoint. I lived in a home with a 50 year old asphalt drive, and it was perfectly fine. It just wasn't dark black. If you want to paint it to make it dark black, then you're setting yourself up for a cycle of maintenance where you don't need to.

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I bought a house, and the driveway seems rather worn. It appears to need some sort of treatment, as some areas appear to be eroding.

I understand that a sealer won't repair this issue, but it seems that some sealant layer would reduce the damage that occurs.

Would you just recommend just crack sealer to get another 40 years of life from this asphalt?

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Looks like the sealer that they put on it is wearing off, and that's why it looks like it does. If you have actual cracks in the drive (and it's not the clearest picture to show that if you do) then yes, crack sealer will help to keep the water out of those cracks. That will help to prolong the life of the drive. BUT---once an asphalt drive has cracks in it, it's life expectancy is greatly reduced and you should be thinking about replacement, not repair. The freeze/thaw cycle accelerates the wear by making those cracks bigger, even with sealer. There's just no way a homeowner can force enough crack sealer into those cracks to completely seal all moisture out. Even pre-heating them with a blowtorch and heating the crack sealer, although it will produce a better seal, won't do that long term.

Your drive should be up for replacement within 3-10 years, depending on climate and how successful you are at keeping water out of the cracks in it. If this is a relatively newish drive, I'd suspect poor foundation work or a poor asphalt mix. Or both. If it's an older drive, then it's coming to the end of it's useful lifespan.

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