MumGranny5April 21, 2002

Michael's won't put their ad in my zip code. Granted I am about 10 miles from their store - BUT if I'm willing to drive why aren't they willing to see that I get an ad. I have gone to the store and explained that I don't get the ad but all they say is "too bad, we can't give you one".

Also - was shopping there for a pair of locking tweezers. They didn't have any. Ended up finding a 2 pairs on eBay and they are coming from England - $5.00 total (including s&h). Guess I should be glad Michael's didn't have any - surely would have cost me more.

Can you tell, I DON'T like Michael's.

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I asked about getting an ad mailed to me, and was told that I just have to buy the paper. Fortunately, I get a nice check out lady who scans a coupon she keeps at her register, so I get the 40% off.
I agree that it's sometime better to get stuff off ebay, but then again sometimes people go bid happy and bid way too high for what the item is.

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I live just a few miles from Michael's and have the same problem- They don't pay to have their ad put into my zip code. It is SO frustrating.

It isn't even the 40% off coupon- it's just the ergular sale stuff. Whenever I am near the store, I stop by, and IF paper happens to be one sale, I stock up... but they lose a LOT of my business because I never know what's on sale!

Luckily we have an AC Moore nearby also.. and they are MUCH cheaper, although they don't have as good a selection of papers.

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I never get anything in the mail from Michael's I buy the Dallas Sunday paper and sometimes there is an ad in there I also buy our local Sunday paper and there is usually a flyer in there. We get a free newspaper thrown on the lawn on Wednesdays with some local ads in it and there is usually a flyer from Michaels in it too. Some times I get 3 coupons a week tht way.

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Someone on another board posted this link to an online Michael's coupon. Other posters there say they used the coupon. It's worth a try!

Here is a link that might be useful: Michael's Coupon

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Thank you, Laura. This is great. Will try checking this website each week. They're going to have a VERY unhappy customer if they don't take this ad. Thanks again.

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The Michael's near us has started accepting the fifty percent off coupons from Joann's!!

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gosh i cant believe that im only about 3 miles from my neartest micheals and i get the coupons almost every sunday in our paper. I love Micheals but only because we dont have hobby lobby which is way better. I have 7 scrapping stores within 30 miles of me but now that Micheals sell Jolee boutique stickers i can get em there for 40%off and that is alot better than the lss.

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