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mooieAugust 7, 2009

My storm door was removed when a new entry door was put on. Didn't realize it right at first but the next day when it was sitting in the garage I noticed the bottom corner was broken. The workers said nothing so I waited. At long last my siding and roofing is done and my eyes turned back toward the storm door, wondering what they planned to do. I thought they might offer to split the cost of a new one with me. they got everything done except for putting up the door, so before they put it up broken, I left them a note asking what had happened to it. Today, I recieved my final bill from the contractor and at the bottom of the bill it said that since they had wrapped the trim, the door no longer fit. What should they do? Now I have a double problem. A too wide door and a broken bottom. Looks like it's on me now. How do I measure for that and how much more expensive is like say a 35" door? Thanks in advance...


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When you put in a new entrance door the storm door will never go back on. They should have told you that. I've been putting in doors for 30 years and the old storm door has never been reinstalled.
Go out and buy a new storm door. If part of the contract included the installation of a storm door, don't pay them until they finish the job. But get the door soon.

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Thanks for the reply. The installer called me back and said since they wrapped the trim around the front door, the old door would no longer fit. I needed 35x80, a custom door. So I went off with my measurements yesterday and was told that a custom door depending on style would end up costing 5-6 hundred dollars! That's quite an upcharge! So I called the installer again and asked him if he could remove the wrap, install the door and then rewrap the trim. He said yes he could do that. So I picked out a reasonably priced door and it came home with me. Hopefully the installation will go well. Thanks again!


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