rerouting downspouts

rj56August 4, 2012

I would like to run some downspouts to the opposite corners of the house. That side of the yard slopes down to the street and I think would make more sense. Unfortunately, there are sidewalks that would have to be dealt with. What type of contractor do I call--gutter? concrete? excavator?

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I'd first call a gutter company and see what they recommend as a solution.
After meeting with them, if you still need to tear up the yard or tunnel under a sidewalk, then I'd start with a general contractor.
The gutter guys may also have referrals for any additional work.

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One way to accomplish this is to install a 'collection box' (they're about 12" square) right under the down spout. Then tunnel under the sidewalk - so you can connect a 4" corrigated flex-plastic pipe to the collection box. Run the pipe away from the house, and install a popup - say in the middle of your lawn.

Any good landscaping supplier or maybe Home Depot has exterior drainage products / ideas / literature.

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You can't just 'arbitratily' go to another corner of
the house, because the gutters are 'pitched' when they
are installed. Like has been mentioned, call 'several'
gutter companies. Hint: most of them will try to
skrew you.

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Well there are probably a lot of ways to do this, but my money would be on removing the gutters and reinstalling them with the pitch going the other way. Probably the cheapest. I have dealt with several gutter companies in my area and I ain't been skrewed yet.

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Thanks all for your comments. I know the gutters will need rehung, one needs replacing anyway. We have a nice gutter guy in our village, I was just wondering if it would be a difficult job. I wonder how much digging it would take to tunnel under the sidewalks. Not something I would look forward to. Thanks again.

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I did a search for "tunnelling under a sidewalk" and got lots of hits. Reason I did this is because I remember in a landscaping class years and years ago, the teacher explained this was not a hard thing to do, at least for irrigation hoses. Not sure about a pipe that needs to be wide enough for drainage but take a look at:
google results

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Be sure you "call before you dig", since in many areas utility lines are frequently under sidewalks. I know ours are....

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Is the water causing a problem where it's going now?

Runoff from roofs and paved surfaces should ideally go somewhere it can soak in and not to the street. When it goes to the street, it carries more pollutants into the streams.

There may be other options if the water is currently causing a problem.

I don't mean to sound preachy. Just giving you something to think about.


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