How to make the best use of coupons at JoAnn's

princess_mimiFebruary 15, 2010

I see that some folks are frustrated with JoAnn's coupons. Here are some tips to help you out.

Put your coupons in your purse as soon as you get them. It's not the store's fault if you forget them. They are under no obligation to give you one when you get there.

Remember, If it's on sale you may NOT use any kind of coupon on that item.

Read you coupons. Check dates and other limits. They are spelled out very clearly.

You can use a competitor's coupon as long as the competitor sells the same kind of thing. (ex. Micheal's sell craft items so you cannot use them on fabrics. You CAN use them on by the spool ribbons, floral, crafts, jewelry makings, paint etc. Hobby Lobby has fabric and craft so you can use it on everything.

You may use multiple coupons on different items on the same purchase as long as the coupons are from different sources. (Ex. 40% JoAnn mailer coupon on your fabric + Micheal's coupon on spool of ribbon, Hobby Lobby coupon on some home decorator trim, JoAnn email coupon (says "in store" on the top) on your pattern.)

You can really make out if you just do a little planning.

Happy Shopping!

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I have a friend that prints coupons that he gets by email. I can't seem to find a way to sign up for them......any ideas?

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Go to On the first page you will see a sign up for email updates. You'll get your coupons in your email every time they send them.

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If you have a coupon that is 50% off and the item you want to use it for is on sale for 40 % off, the cashier can ring up the item at its regular non-sale price and then apply your 50% off coupon. This can be done if you ask for it before they ring up the item up.
I am a former Jo-Ann employee, not employed by them at this time.

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I'm surprised, daylily. My mom managed a JoAnn Store for many years and it was absolutely forbidden to do that. Maybe times have changed.

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I am currently employed by JoAnn Stores. If employees of any store are doing as Daylily has said they are in direct violation of company policy and can face disciplinary action for doing so. Please be kind to those folks at the register and do not put them in a bad place by asking them to do than for you. All coupons clearly state that sale merchandise is not included. If you really want an item at the 50% off like the coupon, please wait until the sale is over and use a different coupon on it.

There are LOTS of ways that you can use coupons at JoAnn's. We strive to give premium customer service. Please don't be greedy and make it hard for someone who is only making minimum wage. Many of us are educated people with years of sewing/crafting experience. We work at JoAnn's for a number of reasons but all of us do love to sew and craft!


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That is common practice at my JoAnns. They will ring it up at regular price then take the 50% off. It's done so often I never knew it wasn't allowed.
One never has to ask them to do it, they will tell you that's what they are doing.

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I completly gave up on JoAnn's several months ago. They do not let customers use their restrooms, at least at this local store.

I take a diuretic, and other medication, for high blood pressure. I sometimes need to "go," and "now."

Absolutly forbidden. "No Public Bathrooms," not even for customers.

I wrote the company; explained the problem and then asked to be removed from all their mailing lists.

A store that caters mostly to women...who could be pregnant, could have just given birth or had female surgery, or have any number of conditions, should not absolutly refuse to let paying customers use the bathroom. I know they have one.

I decided then and there I'd pay more, do without, go elsewhere, or use mail order. Our Hancocks has closed; I'm 90 miles away from the next dedicated sewing/crafting store and about 100 miles from a Hobby Lobby. That's okay. I save up and make my trips when I can.

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I'm sorry that you have your health problems Caroline. I understand that many folks have problems that necessitate the use of restroom facilities quickly. I also deplore that our society is afraid to extend kindness to strangers (or even friends!) for fear of legal repercussions. If a small store has only a small employee restroom in the back storage/dock area of the store it is likely that they have forbidden it's use to any nonemployees because of the danger of injury to that person. If their back room is anything like ours there are unavoidable hazards that someone not versed in retail might be injured by. Employees of of JoAnn's visiting a different store than the one they are employed in are not even permitted to enter the stock rooms of another store with out and escort from that store.

These days any mishap almost invariably means a law suit. Even if the guest assures us that "I would never sue you" they still can and often do. I'd blame it on the lawyers but it takes a client to hire them. It's just too bad that it's a risk to be kind these days.

Many folks use online shopping as an alternative to going to stores. You can buy most anything on the web these days. I admit that I like to feel a fabric before I purchase it and like the instant gratification of a store purchase but I guess online shopping would be better than peeing my pants in public just to get some sewing/crafting supplies.

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I am very surprised to read that the employees in the store Jenni ca shops in circumvent company coupon policy. That is certainly not the case in the JoAnn I currently shop in, though I have never asked...and never will.

Princess mimi, the store you describe is exactly the way my mom's store was. Even I was never allowed to go through the storeroom to the restroom. Many stores - not just JoAnn - are that way.

Personally, I sew a lot and am lucky to have both an excellent JoAnn and a fine Hancock Fabrics near me. I make very good use of all their coupons.


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I teach quilting at JoAnn's and have to make a lot of sample quilts. What I do is, first pick my fabric for the quilt top, and try to pick one that's not on sale. I use my coupon for that piece. I usually buy my batting on sale and not with a coupon. Then I wait to buy my backing which is usually at least 3 yards till another shopping trip, pick one that's not on sale and use another coupon.
I encourage my students to use coupons for those expensive rulers and other quilting supplies. When Mother's Day, Christmas, and my birthday come along, I often give my kids a coupon and tell them what I'd like.
As for the bathroom thing--I've heard that they don't let folks use them, but the 2 stores near me do have bathrooms open to the public.

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I just used a 50% coupon on some sale Velcro at - they took 50% off the normal price, it was less than the sale price. I'm surprised the stores can't do the same.

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The people at our Joann's store are very nice. They do not allow the use of their restroon either. I don't have a problem with it. The new one in Indy has a nice public restroom. It is usually the older stores that don't allow the use. Great people and great store. Have a great sale going on right now. More deals next week..


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