Have you heard of Freecycle?

carolssisDecember 30, 2004

I realize this isn't a money saving idea, because the whole idea of Freecycle is to list something to GIVE AWAY. I don't have room to keep things around until I have enough for a yard sale, so I post it on Freecycle. It feels good to help someone else out, who may or not be less fortunate than I. In any case, I can get rid of useful items, and at no cost to me, monetarily or otherwise. (yard sales are a lot of work!) Check out your browser for a local freecycle site and go for it!

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We have Freecycle up here in Minneapolis/St. Paul, as well. I have found on occasion that coordinating with folks to pick up items I'm giving away can be a real pain -- explains the popularity of Goodwill and Salvation Army (which will give you a receipt for tax-deduction, to boot). But it is a good way to help out people -- and to help all of us long-term by keeping stuff out of landfills.

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I have never heard of that, I just take my things to the Lutheran Gently Used Store. The money goes to help women and children. We have a place here you can take your house hold chemicals and they will give them to others who come in.

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I hate freecycle!!!! No, the concept is great and I have heard in several towns it is good. I guess it depends on the moderator. But my experience was grubby people with their hands out. Total greed. No one ever wanted to give things, just take. I gave away a bar (complete full size bar with sink, cabinets, etc., a free standing basketball hoop, a wood stove, a freezer, etc. I never took anything. I had people doing everything to sabotage someone else getting what I advertised . . . one person even lied and said the other person had contacted her and backed out and wanted them to take it . . . only to find out later it was a complete lie! I have heard some places require that you must give something away before you can take something. Maybe this would help. I simply experienced greed at a level I had never seen. I now need to give away a trampoline, but am not sure I feel like dealing with those people again.


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I have had good experiences with freecycle. I've only known about it for about 6 months. In the beginning, I never saw anything I wanted or needed, but saw several asking for something I had and didn't need. A single mom looking for audio books. I had a box stored that I had forgotten about until I read her request. A couple of emails and a phone call and I don't have to store them anymore. I think it's a great idea.

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But my experience was grubby people with their hands out.

Yeah, I see that frequently here in The Cities. I try not to be too judgmental about it (maybe I'm failing miserably). But when I see posts like "Would like to have an iPod." (wouldn't we all?) or "Looking for a color TV, 32" or larger" (way nicer than my TV) or "My kids need a laptop for school. Must run Windows XP"....

I don't mind when people request appliance colors or furniture styles or have other needs they have to accommodate (I gave away a push-button microwave oven to someone who mentioned that their physical disability prevented them from using a microwave with a dial). And I suppose that "asking is free." But when I grew up, it was drilled into me that you don't put strings on "gifts."

Or maybe I'm just really out of the loop anymore....

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Yes, there are obvious true needs with people looking for appliances, etc. but we have people requesting boats (they even have the nerve to request that it be newer, over a certain length, have a certain motor,etc.), wanting people to give away time shares because they so "desparately need a vacation" etc. It is down right greedy. I was happy to give away the freezer and the wood stove. They were legit and needed the items. The others simply made for some funny stories of how "out there" people can be! Still debating on the trampoline. I need to get rid of it, but am not sure I want to deal with some of these people again. Since it needs re-welded in a couple spots, which is an easy fix, I am not sure goodwill will take it. But I'd prefer that any day.


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Hi bouncer,

And they want that fancy stuff for *free*, yet?

Some people do have a lot of gall, don't they?

So they can advertise it in the local classifieds, on eBay, etc., quite likely.

Too bad so many of us have got so greedy, and apparently progressively so. Unfortuately.

But they've been telling us for years that it ain't what you are - it's what you have that counts. Trying to sell us more and more stuff.

Hope you all have a healthy, happy week - with as much stuff as you need.

joyful guy

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I've given a lot of things away on Curbcycle (we can't call it Freecycle here in Chicago burbs anymore due to copyrighting issues I believe). I found making and having people keep appointments was just too much also. I started leaving my items on the front porch on a first come, first serve basis. A couple who just moved here from CA just came and took away an old dresser from IKEA. I give away some nice stuff :)

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Actually, there is a Freecycle group in Chicago. I suspect that they call your group "Curbcycle" because it is not affiliated with Freecycle.

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I'm in the Seattle area and I find Freecycle to work great. I've given away a lot of things to people I was convinced were needy and I've picked up several things that were useful to me. Yes there will always be people trying to game the system (e.g., collecting things that they then try to sell on eBay), but I'm not going to quit participating because of a few bozos. Any time I post something of value, I ask people to tell me in a few sentences why they would be the ideal recipient. If you can couple that with a good BS detector, you'll have mainly good experiences. There's a lot of need out there and sometimes I wish I had multiples of the thing I'm giving away.

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We have a large (4,000+) Freecycle group in my area so you can imagine the number of posts. I have given away several times but have only received once. You have to be sitting on your PC to catch something because with so many members, items are claimed quickly.

I am venting and being judgmental here but my ideal give away would be only to people trying to help themselves or someone with an unusual need. What I see very frequently are post like "single mother of (fill in the blank)and one on the way". I really bite my tongue...I mean fingers. One guy smoked the entire time he was picking up while holding a BABY! Plus his car was filled with questionable items that one would normally put out of reach of a small or any child. He explained that he and the baby's mother were getting married and that's why she wanted the flowers that I offered. I wanted to pull back my offer and ask how the baby dealt with the smoke!

There, I got it out--Slam me if you must.

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They have a sort of freecycle here.....I've personally never used it but if it works for someone either way it's a good thing. If someone can use it...great is my way of looking at it.

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I gather that you were doin' a bit of smokin' yourself ...

... under the collar.

At least, when we used to be mad about something, Dad would accuse us of being, " ... hot under the collar".

Maybe that wasn't a saying where you've lived.

It usually brings the blood pressure down somewhat to share one's anger.

ole joyful

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