Singer Quantum Quilter 7380 vs. Quantum 9910

FelizitasFebruary 18, 2009

I've owned and lightly used a Quantum Quilter 7380 for about 8 years and am considering trading up for a better model. The local Singer dealer has closed up, and the next one is about 80 miles from here, so I'm searching for deals.

I found a reconditioned QQ 9910 for sale, in the low $300 (plus tax), but I probably won't be able to trade in my model.

Before I close the deal, what's the opinion of the two machines - which is the better? I know the newer 9910 has more features, but are they worth it?

Should I stick with my older model?

And what's the opinion on reconditioned machines - not refurbished - are they worth a try?

Thanks for any help!

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