Any1 sewn a faculty Grad ceremony gown?

row1February 14, 2007


i am a new faculty member. i need to rent or buy a gown for attending graduations. hopefully i will be attending many.

rental is about $75

to buy is about $400. ouch.

has anyone sewn a velvet graduation gown before?

What about sewing a hood for a phd?

what about sewing a velvet "tam" hat?

Let me know if you are interested in helping me out at least with a pattern number. -Row1

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Yikes! I've never sewn one. but I'm thinking it is very full with cartridge pleats?

I made an outfit for a historical re-enactor with just a cartridge-pleated labor came to about $200, and that doesn't count material. I'd guess there'd be about 5-6yards of material involved, maybe more. Good velvet can be priced at $20 a yard, or more. I've never seen a pattern for anything like that either. Since these are only used once a year, is there a way to get one second-hand? Ebay? Does the rental company sell used ones?

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Have you looked at the pattern co? I believe there is patterns for ministers robes which would be very similar. You could go on line to vogue, or simplicity and look there.

hope that helps


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Bonnie, great idea.

I have an ongoing (as in not workin on it right now) project to make minister robes for a ministerial student friend. I've collected a number of patterns for these types of garments.

Check patterns for Choir Robes; there are a few patterns available:

McCalls and Simplicity used to have some, but they seem to be out of print:

If you go to the fabric store, check the sections in the pattern books for: Unisex or Uniforms or Costumes.


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The best suggestion is BUY ONE!!!!!! I made mine and was TRULY sick of seeing it before it was done!!! Velvet, lining,pleats,gathers,zippers,hook and eyes,inside/outside,hemweights...YIPES, and you really spend a lot more on supplies than you would to just buy the thing!! You might even look on Ebay!! You know that the hoods for musicians is an ung@dly pink YUK!!!! Thankfully I don't have to wear it very often!!!!!!!!!!!!

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